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Someone Should Have Counseled Ridley Scott About This Film..

In Movies on October 28, 2013 at 10:12 pm

Image was that bad. Really. Every review was spot on and this movie totally deserves the 34% rating it has received on Rotten Tomatoes. Seriously.

“The Counselor”, directed by Ridley Scott, stars an amazing cast consisting of Michael Fassbender, as the Counselor, yes that is how he is addressed throughout the film, Javier Bardem, as Reiner a crazy-haired excentric drug dealer, I think, Cameron Diaz, as Malkina, the sensual unpredictable evil counterpart to Reiner, Penelope Cruz, as Laura the counselor’s love interest, and Brad Pitt, as Westray, a smart slick southerner who has no problem pulling up his roots when he fears that his drug deals go south.

“The Counselor” tells the story of a man who has everything and wants more. The counselor is wealthy but when we encounter him he is about to become even richer by becoming involved in a drug deal and then investing that money into a club, part owned by Reiner. Things begin to go south and this movie just drags it on..and on.. and on.

The straw that killed this film is mainly due to the lethargic and obese script written by Cormac McCarthy. Comarc, Cormac, Cormac…I love you man. I love “No Country For Old Men” I also rather enjoyed The Road but damn man, enough is enough. There is only so much philosphy and lengthy speeches explaining this aforementioned philosophy you can have in a film before it becomes dull and confusing. That’s what happened with this film. It became tedious to the point where people left the theater. You heard that correct. People bought 14 dollars tickets and left the theater because this movie was so dry and mired in dialogue. The performances were alright but they were absolutely held back by the lengthy speeches that they had to give. More action, less talking! I have a few more points to make about this film but I fear doing so here will only spoil it for those that really are interested in seeing this mess. For those that have, read on, for those that haven’t, don’t.

What was Malkina’s motivation? Greed obviously, but how the hell was she able to target that shipment of drugs. What was her back story? Are we going to have any character development?

Who was the counselor making a deal with? It clearly wasn’t the cartel because they went on a killing spree even after they got their shipment back. The major plot point was lot on me.

That ending. Ugh. So anti-climatic and yes, Cormac, we know you’re one for the anti-climatic endings, but God, really? She’s dead, everyone’s dead, except for Malkina of course. But I hate her character, so why does she live? I had no attachment to her character and I had very slight attachment to everyone else’s and yet she’s the one that gets away. Awful.

That philosophical bartender. You know that one I’m talking about. The Mexican bartender. Sweet. Jesus. Why does every single person have a distinct understanding of life within this film and why did they fee the need to share it? He also spoke impeccable English with a slight accent but was able to have an understandable discourse with the counselor even though he appeared to have very little education. Do extras exist in this film or is everyone given about 87 lines of dialogue.

Writing about how bad this movie was makes me even more upset. Don’t go see this, you’ll thank me for it.

A Substance That is A Combination of Both Dirt and Water

In Movies on June 6, 2013 at 10:28 am

ImageAlso known as Mud!

I was able to catch this movie with my mother, who agreed to see it because she wanted to annnnd because she wanted to get me out of the house for a surprise graduation party.

“Mud”, directed by Jeff Nichols, stars Matthew McConaughey,  as Mud an individual on the run determined to reunite with his lover Juniper, Reese Witherspoon, despite the potential life threatening situation that both of them may encounter. Determined to meet her and stay on the low-down, Mud makes his home on a deserted island where he encounters Ellis, Tye Sheridan, and Neckbone, what an awesome name, Jocob Lofland. These two boys are determined to have the boat that Mud is living in or get the pistol that he is wiling to trade them, IF they help him build the boat. Ellis is instantly accepting of Mud while Neckbone is a bit more concerned with who this individual is. This acceptance is mainly due to Ellis’s current situation in which his parents Mary Lee, Sarah Paulson, and Senior, Ray McKinnon, are separating, because getting a divorce is much too expensive.  Determined to prove that love is tangible and possible, Ellis decides to help Mud and Juniper reunite despite life threatening danger.

Wow. This movie currently has 99% on rotten tomatoes and it deserves every damn percentage point it gets. Acting. Incredible. Story. Fairly original. It’s a combination of many things, Stand By Me, with a love story, but I mean what movie isn’t a combination of other movies and/or themes.  Wonderful cinematography.  Just a beautiful beautiful story.


Tye Sheridan’s performance is worth mentioning because of how good he is ANNNNDDD how he manages to hold his own alongside such big wigs as McConaughey and Sam Shepard. His performance was extremely moving as well, allowing the audience to incorporate his own hopes and dreams alongside theirs. Even a jaded audience member, such as myself, wants to see love truly thrive in the end. Why can’t it be like that? Why? He also hits the notes with precision, Sheridan shows the audience his anger, his hope, his joy, as if he is really Ellis. Some of the best scenes with Ellis involve him just staring off in the distance. Hoping. Believing.

Matthew McConaughey’s performance does involve him taking off his shirt, however, it is applicable in this movie. His southern drawl is like a smooth glass of whiskey in this movie. Seriously, him saying “Hell of a thing….” just gives me chills. The monologues he delivers were just awe-inspiring, ranging from the protection his shirt offered him to his youthful days with Juniper. I really think that if McConaughey continues selecting roles like this he will only get better and probably garner a few Oscars as well.

Jacob Lofland as Neckbone also delivers. He had the posturing, the accent, and the execution of a rural southern boy. He became this logic ridden realistic kid who was willing to go along with Ellis, knowing full well that love doesn’t always play out in real life as it does in the books. I felt like I could really relate to this kid. He was steadfast and strong, loyal as a dog, and fairly smart. He just knew the right thing to do and did it and when he encountered something awful, he took it for what it was and didn’t become emotionally distraught, rather he acknowledged it and moved forward.

If you want to catch a movie off the beaten path with actors who bring it and a story line to boot, check this movie out. You really won’t regret it