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Christian Bale Should Have Bailed on This Film!

In Movies on November 7, 2012 at 10:37 pm

I had the displeasure of watching “Equilibrium” tonight, thinking that a nice action, suspense film would be a nice way to end the night. Boy was I wrong.

“Equilibrium” is directed by Kurt Wimmer stars Christian Bale as John Preston who is a Cleric and protects individuals from themselves. See, in the 21st century, people are taking a drug, called Prozium, to stop them from feeling. The rationale was this, the third world war happened as a result of anger and greed etc, so in order to stop a fourth world war, we should stop feeling. Things go awry when John Preston finds out that his partner Partridge. played by Sean Bean, is no longer taking his dosage to which John Preston follows suit. Brandt, played by Tay Diggs, appears on the scene as a replacement to Partridge who believes that he will be the best Cleric there is, better than Preston because he is truly the best. Also, for some reason these Clerics can move super fast and they can do amazing karate with pistols. Preston struggles with his feelings and his role within the government; trying to rationalize what it is they do and if it is right. Preston’s world is literally rocked when a puppy licks his face.

Okay, so that about does it for the summary, there isn’t much else you need to know. Before I get into the nitty-gritty, let me just say that this movie was not worth it. It was the first movie I have ever rated on Netflix and I gave it 1 star. I would have gone lower if it allowed me to. Okay, here it goes.



So one huge gaping flaw in the entirety of this film was how stupid Preston was behaving. Suddenly he began to feel and instead of working hard to ensure that he did not get caught, and sentenced to summary destruction, he tries to individuate himself from the rest of society. He begins to run everywhere, he openly cries, and he rearranges his desk. He himself should have known that there are eyes everywhere and to engage in such behavior was extremely dangerous.

The karate gun fight scenes in this film were ill-conceived. The final battle appeared to consist of two men constantly blocking each other’s shot from one another and firing off rounds randomly at the wall. The final battle scene was also awful, he cut off Tay Diggs face! In about two strokes! It was awful and very cheesy.

Another aspect of this film that was absolutely ludicrous, was the fact that the underground society, was actually underground. Like they were literally living a few feet under millions of senseless people. And yet, this underground was tricky and could never be caught. However, if someone simply looked through a grate they would see that there was an entire society living right below their feet. Seriously?!

All in all, this movie was terrible and a complete waste of time. Don’t even bother.