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D’jango, Get Those Chains Off Of Ya!

In Movies on December 28, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Quentin Tarantino does it again. Solid cast, solid script, solid acting, and a hell of a lot of gore. Before I even begin this review, I suggest you go see this movie. It is entertaining, action-packed, and seriously funny, Samuel Jackson is hilarious in this film.

“Django Unchained” tells the story of DJango, played by Jamie Foxx, who is released from slavery by Dr. King Shultz, a bounty hunter played by Christoph Waltz. Shutlz releases Django because he is the only one who has seen the infamous Brittle brothers, played by Cooper Huckabee, M.C. Gainey, and Doc Duhame. While tracking down these notorious slave whipping brothers, Shultz trains Django in the art of bounty hunting and shooting white folk, which Django has no problem doing. While becoming educated in the art of death and corpse collection, Django shares his story with Shultz, telling him that he plans on getting back his wife, Boomhilda, played by Kerry Washington, before she is too damaged by slavery. Shutlz is moved by this story, telling Django an old German story concerning two lovers Broomhilda and Siegfried, and is determined to help him. These two killers track Broomhilda to Candyland, run by slave owner Calvin Candie, played by Leo DiCaprio, and his second in command Stephen, played phenomenally well by Samuel Jackson. Shutlz and Django create a plan to sucker Candie by telling him that they will by a black slave and then try to sneak Broomhilda into the deal. However, things do not go as plan and bullets start to fly and blood is spilled.

So like I said before, this movie is totally worth seeing. Christoph Waltz is exceptional, delivering the QT script like it was his own words. He has a few great scenes in this that really stick out in my mind and I hope will get some Golden Globe and Academy recognition for it.

Leo DiCaprio. First time as a villain and by goly I hope he plays a villain again, because he became Calvin Candie. First time ever in a QT film and much like Waltz, he delivers the lines as if he were meant to say them. There’s a great scene in this film that I will mention later but it extremely memorable for more reasons than one.

The soundtrack also deserves mentioning. A cool mixture of rap and country that wouldn’t fit in any other film but fits LIKE A GLOVE within this one. I am currently listening to it and Spotify and props to QT for making this amazing soundtrack.

Alright, so those two actors, alone, should interest you in seeing this movie, but the fact that it’s a QT film and it’s about a slave rising up and killing plantation owners, should interest you even more. Now onto the good stuff * Spoilers*

Alright, so some of the other reviews that I have read about this film have a huge problem with the scheme that Shultz and Django concoct regarding purchasing Bloomhilda. People ask well why didn’t Shultz just offer Candie an obscene amount for Bloomhilda, because, as we see, Candie would have been more than willing to sell her. Well my question is, how would have Shultz gotten Candie’s attention? He couldn’t just have approached him and asked to buy Bloomhilda, because, I think, that would have been very suspect. So they had to come up with a scheme to get Candie’s attention and then slip Bloomhilda into the deal. A suggestion that I had that could have made this transaction more successful would be that Shultz conducted the deal on his own, which would have made it less likely that the relationship between Django and Bloomhilda would be discovered. However, as we see Candie did not believe that Shutlz was an expert on Mandingo fighting, given his reaction to the slave being ripped apart, and Bloomhilda may have had some difficulty believe Shultz when he filled her in on the scheme. I think the way it went down, was the only way it could have gone down.

Also worth mentioning, was the reason for Shutlz’s death. I hated seeing him die, but I did like what he died for and his conversation involving Candie and Alexander Dumas was exceptional. It was a part of this film that I truly loved and will never forget.

Speaking of conversations, the many that occurred between Candie and Django were extremely well done and held that subsumed hint of anger and frenzy always underneath it. I absolutely loved their dialogues, especially when they were on the way to Candyland.

Jamie Foxx wasn’t the best actor within this film, which isn’t saying he was the worst. Acting alongside DiCaprio and Waltz is very difficult, I would imagine, but Foxx does not suffer for this. He delivered his lines quite well, showing how difficult it was for him to contain the anger and rage he felt for Candie. When he is finally able to let loose, let loose he does delivering some great lines and some great shots.

Samuel Jackson is hilarious in this film. He plays Candie’s second quite well, almost mentoring Candie in situations where he appears confused and simple. His reaction to Django on horseback was perfect and priceless, mumbling obscenities while limping away. The way his character changed when he was out of sight of white people was extremely well implemented, almost frightening as to how good it was.

So in conclusion. See this movie. You won’t regret it.

P.S. some easter eggs.

James Remar plays two characters within the film

Leonardo DiCaprio actually cuts his hand in the skull scene and smears his actual blood on Kerry Washington’s face

The masked ax wielding slave catching lady was played by Zoe Bell who has appeared in a lot of QT movies.


Deviously Delicious Dexter

In Television on December 19, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Well boys and girls, the 7th season of “Dexter” has finally come to an end, sadly, but it did end well, I have to say. Not as well as season finale for season 4, but then again that finale is one of my top ten favorites out of any show that I watch. So for those who don’t know, “Dexter” starring Michael C. Hall, tells the story of Dexter Morgan who is the heroic cereal killer, killing only those who have slipped through the judicial cracks. Dexter is also a blood analyst working underneath his foster-sister Deborah, played by Jennifer Carpenter, who thinks there is more good in Dexter then bad. “Dexter” also stars David Zayas has Angel Batista, a cop with a conscious   Lauren Velez playing Maria LaGuerta, an obsessive power-hungry cop,  Desmond Harrington, playing Joseph Quinn, a cop who doesn’t really bring a lot to the table, and James Remar, who plays Harry Morgan, Dexter’s father and also his conscious helping Dexter stay within the “code” although this code does change quite frequently.

Season 7 pits Dexter against LaGuerta, Isaak Sirko, played phenomenally well by Ray Stevenson, and Hannah McKay, for a bit at least, played by Yvonne Strahovski. While trying to evade capture, Dexter takes on one enemy and falls in love with another, all while in beautiful Miami. Dexter works to try to shift the ever tightening noose around his neck, while protecting his sister and his son, Harrison played by Evan George Kruntchev, doing what he does best, killing.

As far as finales go, this one was good. Without giving anything anyone, it left me in some form of suspense, but not a cliff hanger. I enjoyed it, but I was expecting a bit more following Deborah’s actions. But, I wish to say more! So be warned, SPOILERS AHEAD!

I liked that Hannah McKay escaped and I think that she and Dexter are going to run in the final episode of season 8. I honestly thought that was going to occur this season BUT seeing as the next season, is the last season, it makes more sense to occur there. I really do like her character and I am super glad that she didn’t die and know that they will bring her back for season 8.

I loved the development of Isaak. He was a damn good villain, who killed for what many people can related to, love. It almost makes him more heroic then Dexter who kills for necessity, rather then emotion. I loved the dialogue between him and Dexter and I just loved how well he captured that character. I hope Stevenson goes on to bigger and better things following this.

I liked that LaGuerta died. I may sound awful for saying that, but I know she had to go and I like that the writers were logical about that. One tenent within Dexter’s “code” is to not get caught and LaGuerta was going to be the one that caught him, so she had to go. The way they did it, however, was unique and clever. Now Deb and Dexter are in this together, way more than they ever were before. I liked it, but I was expecting some shocking reveal after we saw Dexter and Deb arrive at the New Years Eve party. Which brings me to my next point.

I liked the juxtaposition of  LaGuerta’s death with New Years. Many associate New Years with time to change things, to improve one’s life. Out with the old and in with the new. But due to the choices made by Deb and Dexter, their new year is going to be much worse and may consist of the old behavior.

I liked that they ended that whole unusual foster-sister love relationship that was revealed at the end of season 6. It was too much, even though they are not related to each other, and I did not enjoy seeing it. Especially now that Hall and Carpenter are no longer married.

I did not like the Quinn story line for this season, more specifically, I didn’t like how it ended. He just seemed kind of bummed out and powerless, which he wasn’t. I think he figured out he was used, but I would try to track down Nadia, and give her a nice stern talking to. Also, it was soooo typical Quinn that his girlfriend was a stripper.

So there ya have it. Let me know what you think about this finale so I can vehemently disagree with you and spam your email.