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Jack Reacher Reaches and Shrugs A LOT

In Books on December 29, 2012 at 3:45 pm

Now I know that many of you might not know this but “Jack Reacher” starring Tom Cruise and recently reviewed, was based on the book One Shot written by Lee Child and the 9th book in the Jack Reacher series. Finding this out, I decided to give the first Jack Reacher book, Killing Floor, a shot and boy was I disappointed with this story.

Killing Floor introduces Jack Reacher as he arrives in Margrave Georgia in order to check out a town frequented by Blind Blake a blues guitarist from back in the day. While eating breakfast, Reacher is arrested for a murder that he did not commit but eventually becomes involved with, utilizing his homicide investigation techniques that he learned while serving in the military as an MP. Joining forces with Finlay, a Boston detectives whose divorce and bad choices led him to Margrave, and Roscoe, a buxom local police officer who Reacher feels an intimate connection with, to uncover a conspiracy involving counterfeiting, nailing people to walls, and air conditioning boxes. Reacher uncovers the plot using his experience, intelligence, dirty clothing, and his fists.

Let me begin by saying that Reacher shrugs his way through everything. Literally, he shrugs in response to just about everything within this book. Not only is it annoying to read, but I had a to of difficulty reading about a character and relating to a character who shrugged to nearly every bit of news he received.    Finlay shrugs a lot too and I just don’t get it. Child seems to think that cops investigate homicides by hard work and shrugging when asked a question.

Some of the lines in this book are atrocious, my personal favorite being, “Shotguns and children don’t mix.” Really? That’s something that needed to be stated. The best part about that line, is that it is repeated, as if Child didn’t think the reader understood it.

Also, this book contains A LOT of stretches. I have no problem stretching reality a bit, but this book takes the cake. I’ll explain more about this a bit later in the spoiler section.

So before I get into the nitty-gritty, let me just say, don’t read this book. It isn’t that well written and the main character, I found at least, is hardly relatable.

Alright now onto the nitty gritty spoiler filled review.

As I stated before, this book contained quite a few unrealistic instances, one blaring one being how Reacher located Paul Hubble. When I read this section in which he detailed this precise calculation of how to locate this guy, after only spending a day with him, I was dumbfounded. Not only was Reacher surprisingly accurate with where Paul Hubble was but he was also able to determine what name Hubble would be using. This part was a huge stretch and seemed completely unrealistic, especially when Reacher chalked it up to experience.

Picard’s death, or lack thereof, was a bit much for me as well. I understand that this guy was huge, 300 pounds and 6’8″ or something like that, but he got shot by a Desert Eagle, a gun that Jack Reacher describes as being able to blow a gaping hole in somebody, then is shot 6 more times, and then is finally shot another time in the head before he stops moving. I understand if Child wanted Picard to come back to have some awesome climatic fight scene, which didn’t happen, but that could have happened with Kliner, the man who killed Reacher’s brother and took his girlfriend hostage. Not only would that have been a lot more fun to read, but I would have been rooting for Reacher more.

All in all, I didn’t really enjoy the book, as if you couldn’t tell that already. It was fast paced, not necessarily a bad thing in other cases but in this case it was, the character was unrelatable, the storyline contained a lot of coincidences, and it just wasn’t compelling, I had to work to finish this book. I’m going to give the second book a try, because apparently this series is amazing, but this book was not worth it.

Tom Cruise Reaches

In Movies on December 26, 2012 at 12:22 pm

“Get Me Jack Reacher!” writes James Barr, portrayed by Joseph Sikora, who realizes that he may have been set up for a series of shootings in downtown Pittsburgh. Jack Reacher, played by Tom Cruise, is a drifter, a loner, who only wants to do what’s right, and doesn’t give a crap about your laws or your principles. He doesn’t start fights he finishes them.

“Jack Reacher” depicts the 9th story within the Jack Reacher book series called One Shot in which James Barr, or so we think, shoots several civilians within downtown Pittsburgh. The DA, Rodin, played by Richard Jenkins, and the detective Emerson, played by David Oyelowo, believe that Barr did it and want top prosecute Barr when he awakes from his coma, because he had the tar beat out of him in prison. However, before going into a coma, Barr requests Jack Reacher and his defense attorney  Helen, played by Rosamund Pike, wants to get him off death row and thinks that Jack Reacher will be the only one that can do this.  Emerson and Rodin want to locate this guy, but don’t know how given his drifter, loner status. BUT much to their surprise, Reacher shows up annd uncovers a conspiracy involving Jai Courtney and a creepy Werner Herzog, playing a man by the name of The Zec. Reacher breaks legs, fingers, and prides of anyone he encounters and thinks that he is a good target. If you don’t hate Tom Cruise, and like him as an action star, then you’ll like this movie. Not well written, but including some great shots, this movie should be described as a guilty pleasure. Now onto the good stuff! *Spoilers*

The writing for this movie was mediocre, with some parts being pretty well written, like most of Cruise’s lines, some of the other characters didn’t seem realistic, for example, Sandy, played by Alexia Fast, addresses Reacher as “Mister” whenever she encounters him, which unless she is from the Midwest, she isn’t, she would not do.

The shots while Reacher is driving around were pretty cool, especially when he was driving around in that slick Camaro. While these scenes don’t make the movie exceptional, they do make it enjoyable.

Rosamund Pike’s performance in this movie wasn’t that great. She wanders through her scenes with this wide-eyed nervousness, that never really seems to go away. Her lines aren’t that great and I wasn’t really all that upset when she gets captured, and it seemed like Reacher wasn’t either.

Jai Courtney, who plays the actual shooter Charlie, plays a good antagonist to Reacher, always doing what he’s told to do without question. I think his performance in this film will help him be recognized while he’s in the new Die Hard movie. He depicted a cold calculating killer quite well and I liked the final fight scene between him and Reacher although I would have liked more from it.

Tom Cruise as Reacher was pretty good, although physically he wasn’t a good representation of Reacher who is around 6 feet tall and Cruise is only about 5’7”. He delivers Reacher’s lines quite well and appears to become him quite easily, but again I wish they picked a better physical representation of Reacher.

All in all, this movie was okay. I thought the script wasn’t that great but the fight scenes were fun and the script wasn’t all that great but it was still a fun movie nonetheless. Don’t drop twelve dollars on this movie, but go see it if you got a matinée deal.