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Sherley You Have Seen Sherlock on BBC?

In Television on October 4, 2012 at 2:03 pm

Given the amazing response from the “Sherlock Holmes” movies, two shows, that I know of, have been created to attract some of these viewers. These two shows are “Sherlock” starring Martin Freeman, who will be a young Bilbo in the new Hobbit movies, as Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch, who was in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which is a movie I just loved, and plays Sherlock Holmes. The other one is “Elementary” on CBS starring Lucy Liu, as Watson, and Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock.  I have not had the chance to watch Elementary nor do I feel the need to because I am completely and utterly satiated after finishing the third season of “Sherlock”. Maybe if it receives some positive reviews from some critics, I’ll venture a glance at “Elementary” but for the most part, I will not be watching it.

“Sherlock” should be watched for several reasons. It is set in present day, to watch Sherlock’s use of technology is just amazing, it is visually provoking, the camera angles and the filters are just used so originally, and it is grabbing. What I mean by this, is that I am glad that I have Netflix which allows me to watch episode after episode after episode, mind you these episodes are an hour and a half long, but still having them on Netflix allows me to pause them if I don’t have the full how and a half to watch them.

Some shows might suffer from this length, but much like “Luther” this show does no such thing. You are entertained from start to finish. Every show begins within a different format and every show covers some of Sherlock’s famous cases but obviously with a modern twist which makes it intriguining and just plain entertaining.

The show also benefits from Freeman and Cumberbatch as well who portray their relationship, which is often deemed homosexual, so well, with funny and intimate moments. I especially Like Cumberbatch. He comes across as such a tool sometimes, which I think Sherlock would be like if he felt that he were the smartest man on earth, but he also has these moments where he realizes his own flaws within his rational thinking. He can’t account for emotions and irrationality but he still has these moments and when they occur, he becomes especially human. Cumberbatch  also shows the intense and often aggressive side of Holmes quite well, showing Holmes flying into rages over his lack of cigarettes and his inability to understand. Cumberbatch has quite a future ahead of him after this movie and already is a rising British star.

Freeman, oh Freeman. You sir are good. Freeman portrays Watson with more intelligence and less bumbling then I gathered from the books, which I like. I feel that he needs to be somewhat intelligent in order for Holmes to allow him to stick around as long as he did but also have one hell of a tough skin. Freeman also shows the emotional moments that Watson has with Holmes, so damn well! The precipice being the finale to season 3. SWEET JESUS, was somebody cutting onions while I was watching that episode because it sure felt like it.

Another actor worth mentioning is Andrew Scott, who portrays Moriarty, and does it with a Joker-esque chaotic style. Moriarty, for those of you who don’t know, is Sherlock’s nemesis and in the finale of season 3 their relationship reminded me so much of Batman and Joker. I never read any stories with Moriarty in them but I like this Moriarty a lot. Because Holmes and him are both extremely intelligent but Moriarty is unpredictable and has no rules, which makes him especially interesting and dangerous.

In conclusion, if you have Netflix, watch “Sherlock”. If you like detective dramas, you will love this show. It is captivating and visually stunning.