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This Man is Made of Some Tough Stuff!

In Movies on June 18, 2013 at 4:27 pm


Let me begin by saying that I have been anticipating this movie since the day I first caught a glimpse of him cruising across planet earth with this awesome little cloud trailing after. I have been expecting a great movie that was well written, cohesive, and real. No “Batman and Robin” with full body armor that has nipples. No awful fight/dance sequences that occurred in “Daredevil”. I was expecting a Superman version of Batman and I got exactly what I wanted.

“Man of Steel” tells the humble origins of Superman, beginning, first, on Krypton with Jor-El, Russel Crowe, trying to not only save the Kryptonians but his son and his wife Faora-Ul, played by Antje Traue, as well. Jor-El faces off against Zod, Michael Shannon. as his son takes off in a cradle/space pod, who is determined to take control of Krypton and save the planet. During this process, Jor-El also sneaks the codex, the collective memory of Krypton, into the baby carriage alongside Clark in order to save Krypton from its destruction.

Flash forward to modern day an the audience witness Clark Kent, Henry Caville, as a drifter coming to terms with what he can and cannot do. Determined to keep his identity a secret, Kent travels the world taking up various jobs all the while saving various individuals from peril and understanding the teachings of his earth father, Johnathan Kent,  played by Kevin Costner, and his earth mother, Martha Kent,  played by Diane Lane,. Things begin to pick up speed when an alien space craft is found upon earth and Lois Lane is the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, determined to figure out what this spacecraft is. During her investigations, she encounters this nameless hero and much to the chagrin of her editor, Perry White, played by Laurence Fishburne, she is determined to find out who this individual is. However, the investigation is halted when Zod comes to planet earth determined to find Ka-El and the codex that he believes will restore Krypton once again.

I hope that summary suffices because there is a lot to this story and I really wanted to give you enough to just sink your teeth in, without giving too much away.

Let me begin by saying that this movie is increased a hundred fold by the performance that Costner and Crowe bring to the table. Both are Superman’s fathers and both believe his future holds very different things. As a result of this, they both teach Clark in different yet similar ways. Bother are incredibly powerful, without exuding much of a physical prowess. That’s not to say that either of them are weak, Crowe is involved in some Batman style fight scenes, but his power does not come from his fists, rather it comes from his convictions, from his ideals. The same thing can be said for Costner, who’s sheer dedication to his beliefs is mind alteringly powerful and tragic all at the same time. Both of these actors had very little screen time and yet stole the show all the same.

Henry Caville is an incredible Superman. I am not ashamed to admit that I did not see “Superman Returns” but I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed him as Superman. He played his role well, with meaning, despite his script being incredibly short. It was in the smirks and the grief that was shown, that made me realize that Caville will be my favorite Superman.

The score is worth mentioning as well. The tornado scene and the reunion Kent experiences with his mother were made incredibly powerful due to the orchestra. Incredibly powerful. On the verge of tears powerful. The lack of music in precise instances, makes the music even more resonant. You feel it when it is there and you feel nothing when it isn’t and it is between these two instances that this movie becomes something more. Hans Zimmer, this was an incredible score and I will be playing this soundtrack, probably, all week.

The story is also worth mentioning because it is the first time that I, personally, have  seen Clark Kent as a young man struggling with his powers physically, emotionally, and socially. I loved the direction Snyder took with this movie and I think he did an incredibly good job with this film.