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I Can Feel Your Halo Halo Halo, I Can See Your Halo Halo Halo- Beyonce’s reaction to Halo 4

In Videogames on November 30, 2012 at 3:34 pm

This is my fist game review, so please forgive me if I forget anything or don’t include something that you wish I did. So, Halo 4 finds our hero Master Chief on Requiem, a Forerunner planet, four years after Halo 3. Master Chief is awakened by Cortana who informs MC that covenant are trying to get aboard the ship and they must TAKE EM OUT! MC tries this but then their ship is drawn closer to Requiem and then they encounter the Didact who is evil incarnate. Along the way MC gets some sweet new guns such as the  Binary Rifle, the Boltshot, the Incineration Cannon, the Lightrifle, this thing rocks, the Pulse Grenade, the Scattershot, an alien shotgun, and the Supressor, an alien version of the assault rifle.  With these new Promethean toys, btw the Prometheans were this super race of awesome beings who are now dead because of the Didact, I think, MC tries to first stop this jamming device that they believe is keeping them from contacting the Infinity, a United Nations Space Command vessel, only to release the Didact from Requiem so he can destroy the universe. Boom. So that’s the campaign plot summary and it illustrates one of the main problems I had with this game, none of this was explained very well.

I didn’t really understand what or who the Didact was or why he had ridiculous fangs. I also didn’t really understand what Requiem was or who the Prometheans were or who the heck the Composer was. That last part especially, was never really explained. Point being, Halo 4 suffered from the lack of detail regarding their campaign story. I like first person shooters but I also like a good lot and these things can occur within the same game, cough cough Bioshock.  The developers did get something right within the game play which is changed throughout the game. Sometimes MC is piloting a Pelican, sometimes he is piloting this new machine called a Mantis, it resembles a Mech, and sometimes he is simply driving around on his Warthog. The variability of the missions makes this game a lot better but doesn’t save it entirely. If there is another Halo coming, which I imagine there will be until the franchise no longer makes money, the developers would profit from more explanation and development within the campaign plot.

The multiplayer was something that Halo 4 absolutely did not suffer from. Some major differences were introduced, you can level up and change your weapons load out, slayer and team slayer is done within a points format, more points for head shots and you get points for assisting another player, and you can gain packages within the game by scoring more points, giving you access to more weapons and more ammo. The multiplayer is very similar to Black Ops and the other FPS games out there and I think this change makes Halo very addicting and very awarding. I find myself trying not to die, something I didn’t really care about in Halo 3, and also find myself aiming towards the upper body on an enemy, in hopes I will get more points. The multiplayer within Halo 4, makes this game worth buying. Another aspect of Halo 4,that I have not tried out yet, is the Spartan Ops options, which is a blend between the campaign and the multiplayer, allowing you to use your multiplayer character against the Covenant and other enemies.

So all in all, I would buy this game for the multiplayer. You can use the campaign to hone your skills but don’t expect to be wowed by it.