Why I Will Never Go “Into the Woods” and Why You Shouldn’t Either

In Uncategorized on January 4, 2015 at 5:27 pm

Because, basically, it’s a crap film. I, personally, am not a huge fan of musicals, but given the hype machine surrounding this film, I agreed to see it and it was pretty terrible. The pacing was off, it stopped being a musical about halfway through the movie, and Johhny Depp as The Wolf was fairly disgusting. It also wasn’t that funny and I’ve heard that the musical is much better.

“Into the Woods” was directed by Rob Marshall based upon the musical created by Stephen Sondheim. This films involved the combination of Little Red Riding HoodRapunzel, Jack and the Bean Stalk, and Cinderella. This story includes three new characters, the Baker (James Corden), the Baker’s Wife (Emily Blunt), and the Witch (Meryl Streep) and all of these characters come together in the woods when the Witch is told that the Barker’s Wife can only give birth after a curse has been lifted. This curse was placed upon the Baker’s father for stealing the Witch’s magic beans and the Baker and his wife must collect various items from Jack (Daniel Huttlestone), Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), and Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy). Throughout the movie there are various exposition-ary songs that explain everyone’s role within the film and what they want to gain from life.

The major downfall of this film is the pacing, it is a back heavy film where the second part includes very little singing, is fairly dark, and drags on and on and on and on. I presumed that the film had about half an hour 45 minutes left in it. Nope. It goes on for nearly an hour, none of which was necessary.

It was also not at all funny, which I am told, was one of the best parts of the musical. There were scenes where the character stepped out of themselves to comment on something that he or she had done that, from the audience’s point of view, was stupid. But these moments were sprinkled throughout, when this film should have been saturated with it.

The Wolf was a rapist and watching him sing and gaze upon a young girl, whose skin he describes quite clearly, is incredibly uncomfortable. I am told that Little Red Riding Hood was played by an adult in the musical and the use of a child actress within this film for this scene was careless and disgusting. Seriously, the song should have been cut or Little Red Riding Hood should have been played by an adult.

Finally, my last little pet peeve about this film, is that when the Giantess (Frances de la Tour) for some reason the camera shot only goes so far as to include her nose all the way down to here feet. Her eyes are rarely visible. It happens enough times within this film to be incredibly annoying and bothersome.

My thoughts, this movie was a waste of time and money. If you haven’t seen it. Don’t.


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