I Want To Be a “True Detective”!

In Television on January 13, 2014 at 10:43 pm


If you were too busy watching the Golden Globes and you are lucky enough to have HBO, then watch “True Detective” because I believe that this show next year and the year after and the year after that will be present within the Golden Globes and will also be awarded a few Emmys as well.

“True Detective” tells the story of Rust Cohle, Matthew McConaughey, and Martin Hart, Woody Harrelson, as they encounter and retell the story of a woman who was murdered in 1995 in a ritualistic manner. As the story switches between past and present, the viewer uncovers more and more about the detectives, the murder, and the truth. “True Detective” was created by Nic Pizzolatto and will be a miniseries, in that, like “American Horror Story” every season will be a different story and they may or may not include the same actors. When this was revealed to me, I fell even harder for this show because every single season will be different allowing for an amazing show that will allow the actors involved to take on truly different roles.

The premiere of this show set the tone, the pace, and the story for “True Detective” showing a professional Hart and a distraught and strung out Cohle as they retell the investigation of Dora Lange. This episode also displayed what an amazing dynamic these two actors will have and how much they have actually become their character. McConaughey looks, sounds, and feels like an authentic run down worn out detective. He looks awful and you can feel it seep from his pours while Harrelson looks like he has it all together but you know something is brewing beneath the surface.

And the writing! The writing is fantastic. “Rust would pick a fight with the sky if he didn’t like its shade of blue”. If I talked like that, I would be working in advertising. That line was excellent and authentic. It felt completely real and delivered with and understanding as to who Rust is and what he is truly capable of.

I also like the idea that there is still so much more to these characters. I understand that they are not going to reveal everything in the first few episodes, however, I like the idea that we may not know everything about the characters until the very end.

“True Detective” is an excellent show that should be watched because it depicts just how far television has come. Featuring two powerhouse actors and one compelling story, I am telling you, do. not. miss. this. show.


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