Brooklyn 99 is 99% Funny!!

In Television on September 19, 2013 at 8:14 pm


“Brooklyn 99” is a show that just recently premiered on FOX and a show I have been following since I first heard about it, a few months ago. I love Andy Samberg and I think his humor is right  I also like cop shows, so one would assume that I would like the two of them combined. Well, it’s true. The combination of these two is quite funny and clever.

“Brooklyn 99” stars Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta who is incredibly intelligent but infantile at the same time. His semi-partner Amy Santiago, who is played by Melissa Fumero, is constantly at odds with Peralta because she wants to prove that she is better then the rest, mostly Peralta. Detective Charles Boyle, played by Joe Lo Truglio, and Detective Rose Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz, are two exact opposites who appear to want to connect with one another. Where Boyle is soft and caring, Diaz is hard nosed and unflattering. Terry Crews also stars as Seargeant Terry Jeffords, who wants nothing more then to sit in the office and deal with administrative matters. Andre Braugher also stars in the show as the new captain to the precinct Captain Ray Holt and appears to be flexing his comedic muscles while in this show.

I got to say that right from the get-go, pilots are usually hit or miss, and mostly misses. My favorite example of this is “Scrubs”. The pilot for “Scrubs” was incredibly dark, literally, they appeared to use a darker filter, and figuratively, and unfunny. But in the second episode, the writers and the actors appeared to understand their characters and found just the right chemistry to make that show hilarious.

I thought “Brooklyn 99” was hilarious. There were random cuts that were quite funny and subtle humor that wasn’t lost upon me. I also like the cast and I think they could have a lot of fun bringing these characters to life. I liked how at times it was serious and logical, while also being hilarious. I found some honesty in this, because, well, people crack jokes at their jobs. It’s human nature to be funny every now and then and I find that “Brooklyn 99” did this realistically and successfully.

So, in conclusion, check this show out!


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