Ray Is The Man!

In Television on July 5, 2013 at 12:19 pm


“Ray Donovan”  tells the story of well, Ray Donovan, a Hollywood fixer, reminiscent of Michael Clayton, played by George Clooney, in “Michael Clayton”. Live Schreiber stars as the go-to man in Hollywood who will help those who are in a tight fix, especially if those individuals are involved within the seedy underbelly. As the show begins, we see that Ray’s  life is anything but perfect. His wife, Abby, played by Paula Malcomson, doesn’t like the neighborhood that her family is living in, his brother Terry, played by Eddie Marsan, is a boxer suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, his other brother Bunchy, played by Dash Mihok, is struggling with his molestation from a  priest as a child and his father, Mickey, played by Jon Voight, just got out of jail and is determined to be a part of Ray’s life. To make matters worse, a client who Ray is paid to watch is being stalked and Ray just has to intervene only come to find out that he has protected this girl in the past and she really wants to experience Ray sexually. Ashley Ruckers, played by Ambyr Childers comes off as a sex addict who just really wants Ray.

Phew, that’s enough about the plot, let’s get to the show.  The first episode was a bit clunky with a few scenes that didn’t need to be included and a few scenes that could have been flushed out more. I would have liked more of Ray’s company flushed out. There was a scene at a funeral in which another individual approached Ray telling him that Ray did not need public scrutiny. This is known of course, but I felt like I didn’t know who that was. That being said, I do like watching shows in which all the dots aren’t connected, however, I would like a wee bit of assistance. But other than that, I rather enjoyed it.

I liked the idea of Boston transplants to Hollywood, where we will get to see a little dose of Boston pressure on Hollywood types; I mean who doesn’t love seeing an actor who believes he is “the man” get bludgeoned in the face with a bat. I also enjoyed the presence of a back story. I’m interested to see what happened between Ray and his father, which, hopefully, is not resolved in the next few episodes.

I would like Schreiber flushed out more. Some of the best scenes in “Breaking Bad” occur when we see Heisenberg and Walt combine and confront one another in Bryan Cranston’s face. I want to see this. I want to see a calm Ray Donovan crack and just rage. I want to see a Dexter-like freakout when his back is up against the wall.

All in all, I enjoyed this show. I hope my requests are granted and that there is plenty of more violence within this show. 


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