This Movie Should Have Been Struck By Lightning

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Seriously, never have I felt so deceived by a trailer before. This movie was God awful and appeared to hold so much promise given the actors that were involved and the story. 

“Struck By Lightning” was directed by novice Chris Colfer who also stars in the film as Carson Phillips. Carson, has a problem. He is in a dead end town and wants to become a journalist but needs to apply himself more in school to do so. He decides, inadvertently, that he will enlist the help of Malerie Baggs, Rebel Wilson, who films everything, to blackmail the popular kids in his school into submitting pieces for his literary magazine. This posse includes, Claire Matthews (Sarah Hyland) Dwayne Michaels (Matt Prokop), Vicki Jordan (Ashley Richards), Scott Thomas (Graham Rogers), and Remy Baker (Allie Grant). Oh did I mention that Carson’s mom, Allison Janney, is a divorcee who is addicted to prescription meds and her ex-husband, Dermot Mulroney, is getting remarried to Christina Hendricks? No, I didn’t. Well he is and basically Chris’s life sucks. 

Now, everybody loves an underdog story and they love seeing the individual rise above their circumstances and make something of themselves. Sometimes, along the way, these individuals come to find that well what they had wasn’t so bad and they end up coming to terms with that.

Nothing like this occurs in “Struck by Lightning”. Carson, doesn’t change. His parents don’t change. His classmates don’t change. Nothing occurs that is notable within this movie that involves change. Everyone stays that same and no one seems affected by any monumental  happening within this dead end town. Nobody, except perhaps Rebel Wilson’s character. But even she cannot save this movie.

Chris Colfer appeared to envision this character who railed against the system and, in the process, changed the view of his classmates, but I think he forgot that part when he was writing this script. His constant push against the system also comes off as quite stale and annoying. Alright, we get it. You’re better then everyone else, you’re smarter then everyone else, we know, we know. Eventually, his constant fighting comes off as somewhat narcissistic, without a bit of selflessness.

I could go on and on and on about how bad and disappointing this movie was, but I would just be beating a dead horse. This movie sucked and please refrain from watching it. 

  1. i liked it…..

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