Our Parents Are the Best of Friends!

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I am not one for romantic comedies, but the other night I decided to allow my significant other to make the choice in movies. I liked the look of this film, mainly the cast, but wasn’t the biggest fan of the title. I also saw the trailer when it came out a few months ago and wasn’t impressed. Boy, was I wrong.

“Friends with Kids” is a film directed by Jennifer Westfeldt, who also stars in it alongside Adam Scott, and it tells the story of Jason Fryman, Scott, and Julier Keller, Westfeldt, who decide to have a kid. They reach this decision by seeing the abysmal marriages of their friends Leslie, Maya Rudolph, and Alex, Chris O’Dowd, and their other friends Missy, Kristen Wiig, and Ben, Jon Hamm. Jason and Julie decide to forgo the marriage route and just have sex with one another and raise a baby. They believe that marriages destroy friendships and marriages themselves. So they decide, why not just be friends and raise a kid together. Set in a modern day New York City, “Friends with Kids” tells the story of relationships and love found and love lost.

This movie was unexpectedly fantastic and I blame the title of the movie, the trailer, and the poster for making it appear as a silly rom-com, because it isn’t. It doesn’t feature a glowing all star cast full of beautiful people doing beautiful things, rather these are normal people struggling in their marriages. Yes, Jon Hamm and Megan Fox are in it, but Megan Fox is barely given any screen time and Jon Hamm is not an attractive individual. This film was also shot in a much darker lighting, showcasing specific aspects of the characters that are rarely seen in a romantic comedy. 

I have to say, that my favorite part of this film, was Adam Scott. He was incredible. He appeared to be emulating his character from “Parks and Rec” but he really gave this character depth. He didn’t have all of the answers, he didn’t know why he did things and when he made a choice he couldn’t explain it completely. I mean no one really can. People just do things sometimes. His body language, the silences he had, and the little tid-bits he added to conversations, were all spot on, allowing his character to appear real. 

My second favorite part about this film was the script. It was incredibly well-written in which the pauses and the lapsing of conversation said so damn much. It just sounded like real conversation happening between real people. It sounds easy to do, but it really isn’t. Imagine creating a real conversation on paper. It is incredibly hard but when done right, makes the movie fantastic. 

I also like the editing and the shots that were chosen for this film. Westfeldt gave the viewers glimpses of her characters throughout the film and these glimpses said a lot. A shot of a couple reading the newspaper eating briefcase, another shot of a character looking longingly at a family, and another shot of an individual looking at a Christmas card. All of these conveyed so much and yet were shown for such a little amount of time. It was just fantastic.

I also thought Jennifer Westfeldt did really well. She didn’t soak up the screen time, thus allowing for Scott to really thrive, but she appeared to have a good grasp on her character. I am not the biggest fan of directors starring in their own films so i typically judge them much more harshly then others, but I thought she held her own. She gave her character depth and meaning without sucking it away from other people. Her lines were delivered extremely well and she was just genuinely fantastic.

So check this movie out. It is not a rom-com but rather something more, something better, and with a lot more meaning behind it. 


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