I’ll Cop to That

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The other day I was perusing Netflix, interested in watching anything really. I came upon this shower “Copper” and remembered seeing ads all over New York City about it and I knew, just from those ads, I would love this show.

“Copper” is a period detective story that was created by Tom Fantan and Will Rokos. This show follows the life of Detective Kevin Corcoran, Tom Weston-Jones, an Irish New York City detective who returned from the Civil War to find his wife missing and his daughter dead. Original? Not so much, but I don’t hate this show for it. The audience is introduced to Kevin and his two amigos Detective Francis Maguire, Kevin Ryan, and Detective Andew O’Brian, Dylan Taylor, as they delve into the underworld of 1800s New York City and try to solve crimes using wit, humor, guns, and fists. When the going gets tough and Corcoran finds that he cannot figure how a crime has been committed he enlists the help of Matthew Freeman, Ato Essandoh, a free African American who has studied the doctoral arts while in France. Corcoran also relies on the support of his Eva Heissen, Franka Potente, a hooker with a heart of gold. 

This cast includes a lot of characters from all over the socioeconomic field, allowing the audience to glimpse this time period from very different perspectives. We get to see the hooker’s take on the hanging of an African American while also witnessing Corcoran’s insistence on finding out who-dun-it.

I just finished the third episode of this show tonight and I am hooked. My fellow viewer compared this show to “Hell on Wheels” and I could see the similarities but I felt that this show suprecedes that one. For example, this show is a BBC production allowing the viewer to witness more gore, violence, and often nudity. It also doesn’t have that strange filter that “hell on Wheels” has, thus allowing me to watch it without rubbing my eyes. Finally, this show has some characters that I already really enjoy and I think will keep me watching.

I like Tom Weston-Jones, I think he plays Corcoran quite well portraying his lust for a women one minute and his indifference to violence the next minute, quite superbly. I also like his story, although it may appear cliche and unoriginal, I won’t to know who killed his daughter. I want him to find some peace and i want to know why he is so driven.

I also like the eccentricity of Robert Morehouse, Kyle Schmid. I think the best characters are often the ones that appear most unhinged and I think Schmid plays this character quite well. He has that sly grin that almost makes him appear as if he is drunk, when in fact, he might not be. Rather, he might just be scheming and I do enjoy a scheming character.

I like Essandoh’s character as well, however, I think it was a bit much to give him the last name, Freeman. Yes, we get it, he is free. I want some back story as to how him and Corcoran met and I want to witness an instance when his work his finally recognized.

The biggest item that this show has going for it, is the fact that the protragonist isn’t trying to change the system. Cocoran doesn’t believe in a world without police corruption, he understands it’s part of the job and works within these confines. The me-against-the-world theme, can often be very well portrayed but it also can be quite unrealistic. Yes, Corcoran will approve of changes within the police department that make it more legitimate and less illegal but he isn’t going to be the one leading it. 

So watch “Copper”. The first season is on Netflix and so far I enjoy it quite a lot. 


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