I Will Never Visit Hemlock Grove

In Television on April 20, 2013 at 9:18 am


For those of you who don’t know what “Hemlock Grove” is of what I am even talking about, it is a new Netflix original series that is poised to disrupt basic cable and show humanity that streaming is where it’s at. Well not really. It isn’t “House of Cards” that is for certain.

“Hemlock Grove”, directed by Eli Roth, tells the story of a quaint town that has a certain problem. This problem consists of a murdered girl and vampires, werewolves, and angels, possibly? I’m only two episodes in so I’m not sure as to how more fantastical this show gets. Does this sound familiar? “True Blood” anyone? The television and movie market has been saturated with vampires, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night so it’s important that “Hemlock Grove” set itself apart from the rest and other then its goriness, it really doesn’t do that.

The story unfolds with Peter (Landon Liboiron) and his mother Lynda (Lili Taylor) come to Hemlock Grove shortly before the girl is murdered. They are gypsies and instantly suspects because of it. Also, everyone thinks Peter is a werewolf. Because of this Roman (Bill Skarsgard, of the acting family that is the Skarsgards) is instantly fascinated with Peter and attempts to befriend him despite the way his classmates view him. Did I mention that this all revolves around high school? Oh well it does and this show kind of suffers for it. Roman’s mother Olivia (Famkre Janssen) also makes appearances throughout the show to ave sex with someone and to brood. While his cousin Letha, (Penelope Mitchell) what a terrible name, also appears for a purposes unknown and she believes that she may have had sex with an angel. Awesome, did you get all that?

The pluses about this show: The gore is pretty sweet. The story intrigues me because I really want to find out who these people are and what their deal is. Why are they so strange? Why does Olivia have marks on her back? What are the Godfreys really up to? So I’m going to keep watching because I’m interested and the nice thing about Netflix is that I can keep watching.

The minuses: This story line is unoriginal and suffers for it annnnnd the acting and the script is God awful. There was a line that I heard in which Lynda said, “I hope those balls know what they are doing”. She was talking to her son when she said this. What? Who wrote that? Roman also said something like, “I can be sensitive…with like girls….and stuff”. What? And their acting just consists of brooding and having sex with each other. I can’t seem to remember a memorable moment within this show that could demonstrate how good one actor/actress is, because a scene such as that one does not exist.

Verdict: As of Episode 2, I am going to continue watching this show. I already have Netflix and I mean it’s on there, so why not. However, if you don’t have Netflix, don’t bother subscribing just for this show. It is most certainly not worth it.


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