The Croods gets Angsty

In Movies on March 28, 2013 at 5:24 pm


What’s worse then being the man of the house and having to put up with a whiny teenage daughter who is suddenly interested in the opposite sex? Being a cave-man and the man that your daughter is interested in is a semi-intelligent cro-magnum, makes things extremely difficult, because not only are you upset because you’re no longer number 1, but this teenager is smarter then you.

“The Croods” is an animated prehistoric film intertwined with John Hughes angst. Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, is a teenage girl who doesn’t want to spend her life sitting in a cave and listening to what her father Grug, voiced by the one and only Nic Cage, tells her is and is not safe. She wants to explore, be a teenager, and evolve. Things change when she encounters Guy, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who shares Eeep’s love of exploration and living. Things change drastically when the continents begin to break apart and the Croods must work together to get on the better side of this fracture. With Ugga, voice by Catherine Keener, Gran, voiced by Cloris Leachman, and Thunk, voiced by Clark Dunk, in tow, Grug, Eep, and Guy set off to fly above the clouds, to tomorrow.

This is a movie made for all ages, there are some adult jokes in there, like Grug’s wishes for his mother-in-law to die, or Eep’s scream of joy when she is given the fist pair of shoes. But there are also some hilarious parts for children as well, like when Grug gets slapped around by a bunch of monkeys and when Thunk makes his pet roll off a large cliff, accidentally of course. There are also some very emotional/dark scenes as well, reminiscent of “Toy Story 3” that may upset some younger children but luckily those scenes are few and far between.

Nicolas Cage should absolutely lend his voice to animation more often. He was great as the protective father with a soft spot. The scene where he believes that he can create ideas, is hilarious and was made a lot better due to Nicolas Cage’s voice.

Ryan Reynolds was also great and I believe that he should stick to animation as well, and luckily for us he is. “Turbo” is coming out July 17th and stars Ryan Reynolds as a snail who becomes super fast and wants to compete in the Indy 500. I thought he was excellent in this movie and I felt like I could actually see bits of Ryan Reynolds within the character. I’m not sure if they did any facial mapping for his character but his expressions were spot on, appearing to match the body language of his character.

Emma Stone was fairly decent in this film. I say that because I feel like she was worth mentioning but there wasn’t anything that really stood out to me about her character. I liked her in this but I felt like she could have been replaced and i wouldn’t have known the difference.

This was a great kids movie and if you’re looking for something to see while your child has spring break, then look no further. Check out “The Croods”, it will make you laugh, cry, and respect Nicolas Cage a lot more then you already probably do.


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