Stoker was Electra(fying)

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Well it sort of was…. “Stoker” is Chan-wook Park’s first American film starring Mia Wasikowska, what a mouthful, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode, Ozymandias!, and Dermot Mulroney. Mia played India Stoker whose father passed away and is struggling to come to terms with it when her uncle Charlie, Goode, comes to stay with her mother Evelyn, Kidman, to help ease the pain. Nothing is what it seems however, when India and Charlie become closer then familial relations may allow, much to the dismay of India’s mother.

That synopsis made the movie seem kind of soap-opera esque, didn’t it? Well after watching it, it kind of is a soap opera, except with blood, sex, and insects. And I have to say I did enjoy it, but this movie does not hold a torch to “Oldboy” and it also left me feeling unusual and unfulfilled. But there are excellent parts contained within this film.

The sound editing and cinematography are excellent. At the start of this film, the audience witnesses these chilling scenes that are extremely beautiful  Those scenes appeared to be more then just a film, but rather a collection of photographs. They also leave the audience craving a bit more because only so much is shown. The music for this film was unnerving in how great it was.Every piece within this film, made you feel exactly how you were supposed to feel, unnerved, hopeful, scared, etc. It was very well organized, to such an extent that you felt as if you were being toyed with.

Mia Wasikowa was good int his film, however, she didn’t have many lines and, I felt, because of this she wasn’t able to bring a lot to the film. Oh did I mention that the script for this film was written by “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller? Oh I didn’t? Well he wrote this provocative and   subtle script so well that he may have been involved with a story similar to India’s at some point in his life.

Matthew Goode was creepy in this film and I believe perfect for this role. His smile appears to only show so much, as if he is hiding many many secrets, spoiler, he is. His lines and the actions he takes within this film were delivered as they should have been, robotically and unemotionally. There are several scenes in this film when Goode is doing some very naughty things and he doesn’t appear affected by it. Not. One. Bit.

I had a difficult time understanding Kidman as well as her character. She was ambiguous but not in a good sense, as India was, rather I had no idea what her motives were. She seemed to vacillate from one extreme to the other, and because of it she was difficult to follow. I blame her character because I felt that not enough time was spent on developing her. The audience was supposed to hate her, it appeared that way at least, but when it was finally revealed why the audience should hate her, she had already changed, so hate was no longer an option. Confusing, isn’t it? I think her character didn’t benefit from this confusion, but suffered for it.

The parts of this movie do not make the sum of it great. There were two particular scenes in this film, that I will discuss in a bit, that made me feel uneasy and used. Like I spent my money, believing I was going to see another “Oldboy” and sadly I did not. My personal opinion, wait until this movie comes to Netflix or Redbox before seeing it and save your money.

Spoilers Ahead, Beware!



The first scene that bothered me was when India’s mother realized that Charlie killed her husband and then tried to seduce him in order to save her daughter. How was that going to work exactly? He would decide that because she was so good in bed, he wouldn’t kill her? And what about the fact that she was an extremely selfish character who didn’t really mourn the loss of her husband and yet the audience is supposed to believe that she is sacrificing herself to save India? He would have just killed her and left. I know she isn’t a stupid character, so why make her attempt such unusual behavior. 

Why oh why, did India kill the cop in the end? I understand why she killed Whip and Charlie, but why the cop. My girlfriend thought it may have been due to the fact that she wanted to kill him because he had suspicions about her and her family, but really killing a cop isn’t going to dispel any suspicions. It will just make more! Alright, maybe I am being a bit too nit picky with this film, and I hate when others do that, but I didn’t have to suspend my disbelief for any other parts of this film except the ending. A lot of it made logical sense, except for India’s mother. So why did she kill the cop? It really just bothered me. 


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