In Television on March 7, 2013 at 10:28 pm

I just finished the first episode of the new hit series, yes I will dub it a hit series, “Vikings” and by the raven of Odin, I was surprised by how good this show appears to be. First off, “Vikings” is being shown on the History Channel and being produced by MGM, unexpected? Totally! “Vikings” was created by Michael Hirst and stars Travis Fimmel, as Ragnar Lothbrok, what a name, also his imdb picture is a ridiculous juxtaposition to his character, as he decides to travel to the west, enlisting the help of Floki, played by Gustaf Skarsgard, to the world Vikings have not explored yet. Leaving his lusty sword wielding wife Lagertha, played by Kathryn Winnick, to travel abroad with his handsy brother Rollo played by Clive Standen. The ruler of Ragnar’s clan, seriously naming my kid Ragnar,  Earl Haraldson, played by Gabriel Bryne, is not too happy about this decision and sees Ragnar’s choice as a rebellion of sorts. 

That was the first episode in a nutshell and let me tell you, it was an extremely well written and well acted. Travis Fimmel, who is someone I haven never heard of until now, plays his character Ragnar as if he himself were planning on raiding America with a long boat and a sword. He just appears to be completely within his character and it shows in his mannerisms as well as the way in which he speaks.

Props to Kathryn Winnick who won me over in an episode of “House” in which she plays a rape victim and still continues to win me over in this show. She portrayed this strong Viking woman showing modern day females that chicks don’t need to be frail to be sexy, cough cough “Twilight” they can be strong and fight for themselves. This character will allow the audience to see that although men were strong withing Viking society, they aren’t always needed. 

The chemistry that is shown between Lagertha, what an awful name, and Ragnar was palpable, to such an extent that they appeared to be having conversations without even talking. If you have watched the first episode you will know what I am talking about.

Gabriel Byrne, who played Keaton in “The Usual Suspects” and Tom Reagan in “Miller’s Crossing” does an excellent job playing the power hungry leader. I liked the way he looked, acted, and sounded. He shows the effect his power has had upon him both good and bad, and the audience even gets a glimpse at some back story which I am very interested in learning about. 

Gustaf Skarsgard looks like a nut job and behaves like one too and deserves to be mentioned because of that. I’m pumped to see his character develop because he has that sort of unhinged but awesome feel about him, like Rorschach. 

Also, give it up to The History Channel for creating something that should belong on HBO or Showtime. Seriously, where did this come from? I guess Pawn Stars and Storage Wars can only get so many viewers. Notice I didn’t put those shows in quotes, I did that because I hate those shows and I hate The History Channel for showing them. But if they keep this up, depicting history in a narrative fictional manner, I will be all over that channel. And I mean, what’s wrong with that? If they keep this techniques up they could cover so many awesome time periods and attract one hell of an audience. Also, kudos to you for subtitling and then switching to English. I would have enjoyed subtitles throughout, but I understand why ya did it.

So watch this show. It’s unexpected because it’s The History Channel and it rocks because well it’s Vikings and they are awesome. It’s also gory and appears to have one hell of a story to drive it. 


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