Spider-Man, Turn On Those Lights Bro!

In Plays/Broadway Shows on February 18, 2013 at 4:49 pm

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark” the infamous musical with songs composed by Bono and The Edge, formerly known as David Evans who decided that he wanted to be cool like Bono and also have a catchy awesome name but sadly the awesomist guitarist in the world was taken by me.

“Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark” directed by Phillip Wm. McKinley, sings the story of Peter Parker, played by Reeve Carney, who gets bitten by a spider in Norman Osborn’s, played by Robert Cuccioli, lab and turns into Spider-Man! Pete tries to balance his super hero life and his boring life while trying to keep the attention of Mary Jane, played by Rebecca Faulkenberry, and protect his Uncle Ben, played by Stephen Lee Anderson, and his Aunt May, played by Isabel Keating. Osborne  however, has other ideas. Pressured by this group of henchman known as the Viper Executives, Osborne pushes the limits of his body and his mind to become the Green Goblin. He also creates the Sinister Six which consists of  Swarm, played by Drew Heflin, The Lizard, played by Julius C. Carter, Electro, played by Maxx Reed, Kraven the Huntder, played by Emmanuel Brown, Carnage, played by Adam Roberts, and Swiss Miss, played by Brandon Rubendal. With the Sinister Six at his side, the Green Goblin sets out to destroy New York City and Spider-Man.

This show was great, but there were a few parts that held it back. First off, the sound appeared to be off or unorganized. I don’t know a lot about the production of a Broadway play but I do know that whoever was in charge of the microphones could have done a better job. There were parts in which the cast was singing and I had trouble understanding them or hearing them. It appeared as though they didn’t articulate their words as well enough as they should have, which may not have been the fault of those working on the production end.

I also felt that this show could have benefited from more high flying action sequences. I enjoyed the show for the stuff that they did accomplish but in fight scenes between the Sinister Six and Spider-Man, I felt that the show let the audience down. The fight scene between the Green Goblin and Spider-man was excellent and it would have been nice to see that replicated with a few of the Sinister Six members.

The backdrops for this show was excellent. It was painted in a comic book fashion often utilizing forced perspective and other devices to amaze the audience. There were also a few scenes where the backdrops turned into screens in which certain scenes were shown and that was really unique and well done.  The amount of work that went into some of the scene changes was astounding and just really well implemented. The cast members didn’t have a lot of space to tell this tremendous story but they used every bit of it that they could and it was amazing because of it.

The stunts were excellent. Spider-man would often fly across the stage and out over the audience while often jumping from one of the balconies on stage. There were also scenes in which some cast members were floating above the audience while another scene was occurring below them. It was a lot of fun and made it appear as though you were at a trapeze show and not a Broadway musical.

The music was also good but not great. There were a few songs that were very well composed and others that simply fell flat or evoked nothing from the audience. Bono also made sure you knew he composed the music by inserting a little U2 here and there which was a bit much.

All in all, “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark” was fairly decent and could have benefited from some articulate singers and some better sound production.


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