Don’t Be Ashamed to Watch Shameless

In Television on February 13, 2013 at 7:53 pm

I just finished the first season of “Shameless”, I know I am a little slow on the uptake, and found it to be a damn good show, with wonderful characters, a great story line, some amazing music, and a truly authentic script.

For those of you who don’t know what “Shameless” is, it’s a Showtime, they honestly can do no wrong, based around a family living on the south side of Chicago. William H. Macy plays Frank Gallagher a drunk who deserves the title of the show because he is truly awful. Emmy Rossum plays Fiona Gallagher, Frank’s daughter who picks up the slack left behind by her parents and becomes to mother of the household. Jeremy Allen White and Cameron Monaghan play Lip, short for Phillipe, and Ian Gallagher, respectively. Lip is extremely smart while Ian struggles with his sexual identity. Ethan Cutkosky and Emma Kenney play Carl and Debbie Gallagher, the runts of the little but by no means insignificant because of it . Debbie cares for everyone when no one else does while Carl just wants to cause chaos and make people bleed, ying and yang I guess. Shanola Hampton and Steve Howey play Veronica and Kev, next door sex crazed neighbors to the Gallaghers who offer some more diversity to the story arc and are pretty damn funny. Kev is my favorites character on the show and the way he plays of off Veronica is really really great. Joan Cusack also stars in this show as Sheila Jackson an agoraphobic who is also a sex maniac. Finally, there is Justin Chatwin who plays Steve, Fiona’s lover with a back story that isn’t necessarily out of this world but it does make for a damn story.

There are also many other cast members to this show which is something  “Shameless” benefits from because if there is one thing that viewers hate it is, monotony. “The Walking Dead” is a good illustration of this, where the second season, I believe it was the second season, just took place on a far and many viewers found it to be an extremely boring season. But they quickly changed that, introduced some new characters, included dual story lines and BAM they are back. So if the size of the cast of “Shameless” doesn’t pique your interest, well the story line should.

The Gallaghers struggle. They struggle to pay money, to not get caught by the cops, to get into ROTC, to be themselves. This whole show is one big struggle and who doesn’t love a struggle. A show where the downtrodden fight to get on top, where the weak struggle against strong-armed society. Alright, maybe I took that a bit far, BUT, this show does depict some heartbreak that makes it very good.

The music is also worth noting for this show because it was implemented with such an understanding of how to move an audience, that I want to find whoever was in charge of this and make them come up with the playlist for my life. There are some artists I have never heard of featured within the first season and some great songs that I have never heard of either. Seriously, this is another aspect of this show that should make you interested.

The script and the dialogue of this show should also tune you in. Fiona’s accent sounds completely genuine but what she says sounds perfect. There isn’t a minute within this show where I ask myself, “Would he really have said that?” The screenwriters for this show have a complete grasp on who their characters are and how they would react. The actors do as well. Emmy Rossum nearly breaks my heart when she gets that pouty look on her face and tears begin to well up in her eyes. Jeremey Allen White displays Lip’s anger and determination so well that he becomes that character. And William H. Macy, well he plays a drunk to a t. I just want to know how the hell he can run so fast if all he does is drink and smoke.

This show is a must see. Seriously, you have to watch it. Not just for all the other stuff, there’s boobs as well. Lots and lots of boobs.


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