These Guys Fall Flat

In Movies on February 1, 2013 at 2:05 pm

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to watch “Stand Up Guys” a movie directed by Fisher Stevens starring Al Pacino, as Val, an old time thug who just got released from prison, Christopher Walken as Doc, Val’s friend who has been pushed to kill him, and Alan Arkin as Hirsch, the last of the three that completes this three amigos ensemble. The movie begins with Val being released from prison after serving 28 years for a robbery that went wrong. Val, being the stand up guy that he is yuck yuck yuck, didn’t say a word to anyone regarding the robbery. However, Claphands, what a terrible name by the way, played by Mark Margolis, still wants Val dead for Val accidentally shooting his only son and he wants Doc to do it. The movie continues with Val snorting prescription meds, constantly saying that he wants to party, stealing a car, getting a hard on, and breaking Hirsch out of his retirement home/prison.

This movie was clunky, poorly written, and it didn’t appear to know what it wanted to be. Oh we are going to be sentimental now…okay…oh wait, now you’re ¬†shooting a hole in a guys hand. Oh now we are going to the funny bits, I get it….oh wait, now you’re going to show me a tear jerking scene involving Christopher Walken.

The interaction between Walken and Pacino, two great actors, was painstakingly amateur at some points. I felt like these two Hollywood greats didn’t have a complete grasp as to who their characters were. They seemed uncomfortable with who they were playing and as a result of this, their interactions were just uncomfortable.

This movie also suffered from a few instances in which you needed to suspend your belief in reality. I won’t spoil it but for a guy who has such a short time to live, he is able to do a lot. I mean a lot, he is also able to eat a lot.

I was thoroughly disappointed in this film and it could have been a lot better. I feel that if this movie was made a bit longer and the characters were flushed out a bit more. I would be able to stand Val’s ill placed humor at random moments if I was able to see a bit more of him when he was caring and wasn’t coming straight out of prison.

So, in summation, this movie was not worth it. Don’t bother with this one at the theater, just see something else. It’s a very disappointing Pacino film


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