Ewan and Naomi Do The Impossible!!!

In Movies on January 23, 2013 at 6:47 pm

“The Impossible”, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona,  depicts the story of Maria, played by Naomi Watts, and Henry Bennett, played by Ewan McGregor, who take their three boys Lucas, Tom Holland, Thomas, Samuel Joslin, and Simon, Oaklee Pendergrast, to Thailand to spend Christmas. The family arrives ready to spend some time swimming in the beautiful ocean and relaxing by the pool. Dealing with mundane problems such as job security and sleeping trouble, the Bennetts are caught completely off guard by a tsunami that wreaks havoc upon South East Asia. Oh, did I forget to mention that this was based upon a true story revolving around a family who experienced the 2004 tsunami that devastated Thailand and many other countries? Oh, I didn’t? Well, this story is about one family and their struggle to survive an event that nearly destroyed them mentally and physically. Somewhat graphic and very poignant, “The Impossible” shows how strong Mother Nature is, how humans come together in a time of crisis, and how relationships shape the choices we make everyday.

This movie was excellent. First and foremost, the sets themselves were astounding, Ewan  and Naomi were actually shot in surging water. There were moments when some objects were computer generated, as well as some scenes, but these characters, for the most part, were actually swimming in the water trying to find one another.  Because of Hollywood’s proclivity to computer generate just about everything, I found that the director’s choice of shooting these scenes in actual water amazing. It was something that I immediately noticed, thus, allowing me to never forget this film.

Naomi Watts was exceptional in this film. That is not to say that I believe she deserved the win over Jessica Chastain, because I do not believe that she was better but she was excellent. She appeared to be really struggling with what was occurring around her and displayed this for the audience quite well. For all I know she may have actually been struggling because, apparently  she had to perform her water scenes for 5 weeks.

Tom Holland was extraordinary in this film, completely coming out of left field, this actor captivated me and appeared to be no novice. He knew how his character would react to that situation and became completely immersed in that role. Tom Holland displays his emotions so well and so vividly that it is very tough not to react to them.

The story in it of itself is also worth noting because it is one of hope. I thought to myself, after seeing this movie, that I wanted to move as far in land as possible. But I figured that anything could strike us at any moment, be it a hurricane, a tsunami, or a tornado. Given the quality of tech that we have available at our disposal, it is safe to presume that we will have some form of warning if some event like this were coming, but that doesn’t mean we would not be affected by it. This movie inspires hope in humanity, showing that when the chips are down we come together. We struggle to survive because if there is nothing else for us to do, then we must at least do that. This story showed the destruction of the tsunami and the hope that rose in the aftermath.

“The Impossible” was an extremely beautiful story, depicting how the love for one’s family and for humanity, have an effect on our decisions, especially following a catastrophe. Check this movie out. It is totally worth it.


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