The Dirtiest Thirty There Is!

In Awards on January 14, 2013 at 1:13 am

First off, props to Jessica Chastain for taking home the Globe for Best Actress for her role in”Zero Dark Thirty.” Such a great movie and she completely deserves it.
“Zero Dark Thirty” tells the story of Maya, played by Jessica Chastain, who works as an agent for the C.I.A. determined to track down Osama bin Laden. Beginning her career working underneath Dan, played by Jason Clarke, as well as Joseph Bradley, played by Kyle Chandler. While serving alongside and underneath the two aforementioned characters, Maya learns the art of torture, the potential benefits of it, this movie does a good job of staying neutral with regards to the torture subject. Maya rises in the ranks meeting with George, played by Mark Strong, who appears to work directly underneath the head of the C.I.A., played by James Gandolfini. Maya struggles to gain the attention of the higher-ups within the C.I.A. and to maintain their focus on catching and killing Osama bin Laden. Despite losing people along the way and attempts on her life, Maya doesn’t back down and works to ensure that those who died on 9/11, did not die in vain.

This was an excellent film. Kathryn Bigelow, bravo, you are officially two for two. Loved “The Hurt Locker” and I do believe that you have quite the career ahead of you. I, personally, would like to see what other facets of American life you can cover, other than something to do with war. However, so far so good. This movie was well scripted, well acted, and surprisingly humorous.

Jessica Chastain, was amazing in this film. I cannot recall if I have seen her in any other film and if I did and if she was in it, she didn’t play a big enough part for me to remember. SO, that being said, this is almost like a breakout role for her, at least to me, and she was incredible in this film. I felt like she really understood her character, what she was striving for, and why she was striving for it. She just portrayed herself so well that I wanted her to succeed so badly.

Jason Clarke also deserves mentioning within this film because he portrayed a C.I.A. interrogator excellently. I like the reality in his character, nobody can do what he did without getting affected by it, and affected by it, he was. I just hate the unrealistic Arnold Schwarzenegger types, sometimes not all the time, and like to see people actually be affected by the body count or what crimes they have committed.

Another honorable mention is that of Justin-DEVGRU, played by Chris Pratt. In this film, he brings a bit of his Andy-isms, the character he portrays in “Parks and Recreation”, to this film. When he first began speaking to Maya, asking her about various parts of the mission, I was shocked to hear such technical words come out of his ridiculous mouth. Pratt’s role in this film did not make this film great, but did make this film a bit funnier.

The role women play within movies needs to be addressed as well because I like where Hollywood is heading. Everyone knows how “Twilight” depicted women as helplessly attractive and I like to think that movies such as “The Hunger Games” “Winter’s Bone”, yes I have a thing for Jennifer Lawrence, are a reaction to that hopeless, helpless, female character. That’s not to say that this strong willed female existed before “Twilight”, she was present in Ripley in “Aliens” and she was also present Clarissa Starling in”Silence of the Lambs.” Strong female characters rock and should be present within more films not only because they rock but because they make for one hell of a good story. The weak female in need of help, is cliche, boring, and has been done way too many times. Show me a woman who instead of screaming for a man’s help during a zombie breakout wields the machete herself and I will show you my future wife. Jessica Chastain was the lead actress within this film, sometimes the only female within the room, and still did a wonderful job. Kathryn Bigelow is an up and coming female director who beat out her ex-husband, Spielberg  by winning the Oscar for “The Hurt Locker.” Both of these women deserve a ton of credit for what they accomplished within “Zero Dark Thirty” and by God, I hope we see more of it.

I also believe that the story in it of itself is worth noting and a great part of this film don’t worry I won’t spoil anything. I love stories in which there appears to be a lot going on behind the scenes, I, I would assume the typical American as well, had no idea anything of this nature was going on. The research, the effort, the tailing, somebody out there was working to ensure that America was not attacked again. This story needed to be told because it showed an America recovered, a stronger America, a smarter America.  This story showed that we got it right, that we can do better, and that we can stop future attacks.

So if you are interested in this story, want to see why Jessica Chastain won her Golden Globe, and like explosions, trust me there are a lot of them, then you will love this film. Beautifully shot, realistic, funny, informative, and down right gripping all of these, this movie is!

  1. For your consideration, other Jessica Chastain movies to see: Lawless, The Debt, Tree of Life & well, The Help. Girl is goin’ places. 🙂

    • Why thank you! Tree of Life was supposed to be very weird, so I will give that a miss but I shall check out The Debt, The Help, and I have already seen Lawless!

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