Harrowing Homeland

In Television on December 20, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Winner of 2 Golden Globes and 6 Emmys, “Homeland” is a great drama. With “Dexter” at the 9 o’clock spot and “Homeland” at the 10 o’clock spot, Showtime hits you with a one-two anxiety punch that made Sundays one of the best days of the week. “Homeland” stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison a CIA agent who struggles with Bipolar Disorder while utilizing it to understand terrorists and crack their codes. Damian Lewis also stars as Nicholas Brody in this drama as a returned prisoner of war turned terrorist. Lewis does a phenomenal job within this show, displaying the inner struggles quite viscerally. Carrie utilizes the help of Saul Berenson, played by Mandy Patinkin, and David Estes, played by David Harewood, to uncover the motives of the Abu Nazir, played by Navid Negahban, before tragedy strikes. This gripping drama tells the story of terrorism from different angles, allowing for the viewer to understand why terrorists became terrorists and why the CIA wishes to stop them. Barely slow at times, this drama keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to uncover what is going to occur before it is too late, and the finale was no exception to this.

The finale elicits closure on some story lines while raising many questions on others. The mole has still yet to be uncovered and is still very much prevalent within the CIA and although Brody has taken the appropriate steps to assure the CIA as well as Carrie of his innocence, some of it might still be in question, especially with what occurred at the end of the episode. The goal that has kept Carrie going and engaged has now been replaced by another which I think will keep the third season very interesting. I also like the multiple story lines that can occur now as a result of the decisions that Brody and Carrie made. So, if you haven’t watched “Homeland” do it. It is a gripping drama and extremely well acted. Now onto the good stuff. *Spoilers!*


I really liked the character transformation that Quinn, played by Rupert Friend, exhibited throughout this season. He appeared, at first, as a no-nonsense intelligence officer, then more about his past is revealed, and then he is seen as a soldier, following orders without question. However, in the end, he completely threw me off and showed me a side that I truly liked, that of a protector, not a gun-for-hire. His lines were delivered so well, and I hope he returns for season 3.

I also liked the character development we saw for Saul. It was subtle but it was there and he appears to be getting closer and closer to getting his hands completely dirty. I like his intellect and how he can connect the dots so damn quickly, and part of me thinks that he is the mole. He had the most to gain from the death of Estes and he did fail his polygraph, BUT, only time will tell.

I also liked how Jessica Brody, played by Morena Baccarin, and Mike Faber, played by Diego Klattenhoff, ended up together. The separation between Brody and Jess makes complete sense and Mike has been the one that has been prevalent within Jess’s life. It would be completely unrealistic if Jess and Brody decided to try to stick it out.

I also liked the new story line of trying to figure out who released the tape. Only a select few people had access to that video and I think a new terrorist cell revealed itself within the finale. So I am completely looking forward to the new season.

I also liked that David Estes is now dead, because, well I didn’t really like him or his character. He was always the last to congratulate Carrie when she did something right and the first to get on her case when she did something wrong.

To be honest, at this moment, there was nothing I didn’t like about the finale. It was well executed and left a direction for the third season. Well done Showtime! I look forward to “Masters of Sex” and “Ray Donovan”, which, I’m sure, will be just as good as “Dexter” and “Homeland”.


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