Anna Karennnnninnnnninnnnnnnnaa

In Movies on December 16, 2012 at 5:39 pm

First off, this is a terrible name, whenever you tell anyone you saw this movie or read the book, not only do you sound like an idiot because the title makes you sound like one but because you also wasted your time reading the book or seeing the movie.

“Anna Karenina”, based off the Leo Tolstoy novel of the same name, stars Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina, Jude Law as Alesei Karnin, Kelly McDonald as Dolly, who has an Irish accent mind you, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Vronksy, Domnhall Gleeson as Levin and Alicia Viklander as Kitty  and is directed by Joe Wright. This movie tells the story of Anna who gave up the love and support of her husband Alexi Karinina to be with  Vronsky no matter the cost. Taking place in late 19th century Moscow and St. Petersburg  this tale follows the blossoming of her love and her increase in erratic behavior, also depicting the blooming relationship between Levin and Kitty and the realization that childhood love isn’t true byDolly. Anna Karinina displays the results of the choices people make and what true love means from one person to the next. This movie was also an awful story,confusingly portrayed, and left me feeling uncomfortable and deflated. I recommend that you don’t see this movie. The sets, the actors, and the cinematography was what interested me in this movie, however I was sorely mistaken. This movie was not worth it and should not be seen. Now onto the details, SPOILER ALERT!

Aspect of this movie that I did not enjoy:

Throughout this movie, the audience witnesses the characters going through life as if it is a play, literally. They walk on catwalks, they hold meetings underneath the stage, and finally the most important scenes occur front and stage center. This aspect of the film, although intriguing, never is really explained and comes and goes sporadically. In one scene Jude Law is sitting with his children in a beautiful field, where this is no play backdrop, while directly following a scene in which Knightley is walking along the catwalks once again. It is unusual and very confusing.

This is a Russian story, set in Russia, based on a Russian book and not a single actor/actress within this movie had a Russian accent. They also had Americanized names too, like Kitty and Dolly, which, given that it’s based on a Tolstoy novel, I doubt they had  in the book. Why oh why did Wright not ask the actors to at least have Russian accents? They are actors, right? They could probably pull that off.

In the beginning when Anna first meets Vronsky, they share the briefest of moments, then they dance, and then Vronsky follows her everywhere smoking his cigarettes leeringly and watching her. Does this sound creepy to you, because it should, because it was. I don’t know who told Taylor-Johnson to act like a creep, but he certainly did. It didn’t feel like romance to me, despite him exclaiming to Anna that it was, it just felt like he was stalking his prey, trying to get with an older married woman just to have her.

Roman and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, those are great love stories. Despite all odds, these lovers fight for their love and the audience fights with them. The audience wants them to be together. I felt nothing like that for Anna and Vronsky. He creeped me out and her devil may cry attitude did not make me feel for their love. Levin and Kitty were cute, but the title of the movie is “Anna Karenina” not Levin and Kitty. I don’t know why Wright thought this was going to be a good love story, nor why it was advertised as such, because it wasn’t. I didn’t want them together and when they were together, I lost interest.

This movie wasn’t what I expected it to be. Thus, it was hugely disappointing.


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