Loop de-loop-delicious!

In Movies on October 8, 2012 at 12:36 am

Alright so that title was a bit of as stretch but that was the best I could do with the “Looper” which I had the pleasure of seeing a few nights ago in a freezing theater.

“Looper” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis playing the younger and older version of Joe, respectively, and they are Loopers. Loopers are individuals who kill other individuals who are sent back in time from the future to be killed so their body will never be found in the future. The trick to Loopers are that eventually they will have to “close the loop” meaning kill their future selves at some point. And here comes the drama! Problems ensue when Joseph Gordo has to kill the older version of himself. Paul Dano is also in this film as Joe’s friend Seth who appears trigger happy and unstable. Emily Blunt becomes the love interest for Joe playing Sara who has a dark past of her own that the viewer doesn’t completely understand until the very end. “Looper” was directed by Rian Johnson who also directed one of my favorite movies “Brick” also starring Joseph Gordo, someone’s got a man-crush!, and is a slick noir film revoling around high schoolers who talk like 50s gangsters. I liked Looper and I loved the make up done for Joseph Gordo, he had the Bruce Willi mannerisms down pact! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Jeff Daniels is in this as well and plays Abe who controls the Loopers and is from the future. He is pretty good in this movie, although I would have appreciated a bit more screen time for this character.

So if you like time traveling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt being a badass then you should see this movie because he is pretty BA and I think this role showed a different side to JGL then the audience has seen before.  Now onto my thoughts and I warn you, SPOILER ALERT

So, let me first start off by saying that I loved Pierce Gagnon as the crazy TK kid. He was excellent and just played that role so creepily well. Rolling between psychopath and misunderstood kid, I just loved it. I thought he was one of the best parts of this film. He was a phenomenal actor and I hope he continues wow Hollywood.

Another aspect of this movie that I enjoyed, and I am just picking up on now, is that none of the characters had a last name. They were all introduced to the audience on a first name basis. I like when movies do little things like that, it just intrigues me because I don’t know if it detracts or adds to the story at all. It is just very interesting.

I also liked the apocalyptic future. I liked the large guns, the ability to just kill anyone, and how some bikes could hover while trucks and cars were still being used. It showed, I think, a semi-realistic look at the future. Not everything is going to be sleek and clean, some things will still be dirty and inefficient.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy about this movie, was Joe’s suicide. I talked this over with my girlfriend and came to believe that I liked Joe too much to want him to die for the greater cause. She saw his death as him sacrificing himself for the greater cause, I just wish, wish that instead of shooting himself, he just blew off his hand or his trigger finger. I liked the change we witnessed and I would have loved to see him change and shape the Rainmaker ensuring that he never became as evil as Seth’s future self predicted him to be.

One more thing, loved the mutilation of the present body to mess with the future body. Very clever and disgusting but nonetheless original. Good work Rian!

  1. I can’t get over the titles of these posts. Very clever, cheesy, and addicting. I’ve spent 5 minutes just scrolling down to read these titles. Haha. Great theme with the blog. You have a very clear view of movies. Great work that you’ve done here

    • Thank you! I really appreciate it. Coming up with the cheesy blog title is half the battle haha. My inspiration is who write reviews for the layperson. They tell you why you should see it and why the movie is good without lofty or pretentious words

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