Seriously Awesome Serial Killer!

In Television on October 1, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Last night” Dexter” premiered for a seventh season, beating out “The Wire’s” five season run and still running strong! And let me tell you, I was very impressed last night with the episode.  It is going to be one hell of a season and the end of the episode said exactly that!

“Dexter” tells the story of serial killer by night blood analyst by night Dexter Morgan, Michael C. Hall, who is seen as one of those good serial killers, who kills only the bad people. Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor while Dexter Morgan kills those individuals who are truly guilty but due to some malfunction within the legal system are never put into jail. His sister, Deborah, played by Jennifer Carpenter is a foul-mouthed police lieutenant who was placed in her position due to a power dispute between her superior Tom Matthews, played by Geoff Pierson, and Maria LaGuerta, played by Lauren Velez. Deborah is the ying to Dexter’s yang, where she believes in the sanctity of the legal system, Dexter believes in the sanctity of his own rules, Harry’s rules. Dexter’s foster-father, Harry Morgan, played by James Remar, saw the evil within Dexter and decided to direct his anger and Dark Passenger towards something constructive, like killing murderers who never get caught or imprisoned.

This premiere picks up right where the finale left off and continues to spiral downwards. Now, if you haven’t seen the episode, do not read any further.

While watching this episode, I made a comment to my significant other, that I liked the realistic aspects of “Dexter”. His bodies were found, so he decided to dump them in a deeper location, he uses locations that he has already staked out to determine whether or not he will get caught, and he also uses various methods to obtain his tranquilizer that he is so famous for using without his identity being known to the seller. I like “Dexter” because it’s dark, dramatic, and I do not have to suspend my disbelief, however lasts night’s episode my disbelief was not easily suspended.

After being caught by his sister, the smart thing for Dexter to do would be to lay low for a bit and not kill anyone, and yet, that’s the exact opposite of what he does. He finds an individual responsible for murder, injects him, and then cuts him up in a warehouse within the Miami airport. RECORD SCRATCH! How is that room safe? How does he know for sure that no one will come in and interrupt him? He doesn’t! It’s the Miami airport.

Secondly, LaGuerta, the one detective who believed that Dokes wasn’t the Bay Harbor Butcher, just so happens to find the blood slide at the scene? How did that not melt? I thought that was pushing it.

I did very much like the ending of the episode, because it made sense. I often wondered, and even commented on the fact, that Dexter is given a long leash when it comes to his job. He will often tell his babysitter one thing while telling Deb and others another, without them ever putting the two pieces together. All it took was Deb to place one phone call, I’m honestly surprised it didn’t happen sooner, for her to figure out that Dexter was up to something. Also, don’t ever hide something precious like a series of blood samples from the murders you committed in your air conditioning unit. Buy a safe man!

Also, super excited for the Dexter v. Louis Greene, played by Josh Cooke! I don’t know what this guy’s endgame is, but he definitely does not want to mess with Dexter. He took out Dokes for Christ’s sake!

Despite the problems that this episode had, I think it was a great premier and makes me wonder if Deborah will make it through this season. I had no idea that she would find out this season and props to Showtime for not ruining that with the trailer.

Watch the series premier and let me know what you liked or disliked about it!


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