People Change, but the Game? The Game Stays Exactly the Same

In Television on September 9, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Recently I was addicted to a show that consumed me. I would watch three to four episodes in one sitting and not be ashamed or disgusted with myself for spending four hours of my life in front of the computer. I would crave this show and right up until the last episode I did. I was a full-blown “Wire” addict. The characters, the storyline, the transformations, the drug game, ALL OF IT, was so well done. It was so real and is somewhat real, according to David Simon who created this show and infused several fictitious characters with some real ones that he actually met. David Simon portrays the intelligence and understanding he has about the Baltimore drug trade on this show showing how many individuals are affected by drugs and just how harshly they are affected. My main man Dennis Lehane also helped out of on a few episodes which gives you even more of a reason to watch this show. But, I digress, first let me tell you what this show is about and then I will tell you my favorites seasons and why.

This show covers the Baltimore drug trade from all aspects, the police, the dealers, the suppliers, newspaper reporters, and the kids that are involved as well. Dominic West plays Jimmy McNulty who I believe represents that protagonist and is one hell of a police officer, when he wants to be. He is truly a twisted character and struggles with the flaws that make him great and have the potential to destroy him as well. Lance Reddick also stars in this show as Cedric Daniels, many of you might recognize him from “Fringe” where he is  legit is. He is great in this show and plays a cop who know what’s right and will take very little to deter him from this. Clarke Peters plays quite the memorable character Lester Freamon who definitely is my second favorite by the end of the show, second to Omar played by Michael Kenneth Williams. Sweet   Jesus what a great actor and character. He is boisterous, cocky, and intelligent. He knows everything there is to know about the drug trade and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Idris Elba playing Stringer Bell also does such a phenomenal job trying to make that transference from gangster to business man.   Andrea Royo also has a great role in this film playing Bubbles who shows the destructive nature that drugs can have on the body, mind, and soul. All in all, this show has some great actors and some great talent that came together to create my favorite show of all time. I now compare every show I see against “The Wire” standard, meaning it will last 5 seasons or longer and still keep me interested. I love this show and I already cannot wait to watch it again, but now, onto my favorite seasons. SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

My favorite season is the 4th in which the children star. The audience gets to see  the pivotal role that kids have in dealing and how many children believe that being a drug dealer is a way out. The best part about this show is that McNulty isn’t given a lot of screen time, which is nice because it allows some other characters to shine like Dookie, Namond, Michael, and Randy all children who have some sort of relationship with the drug world. That’s not to say that McNulty’s a bad character but you do get a bit sick of him and his shenanigans. I loved watching these children grow and change as a result of their relationship with the drug trade, it appeared to be so realistic and non-Dinseyesque. Detective Carver, played by Seth Gilliam, also really shines in this season. He begins to understand what it means to be a respectable police officer, meaning you don’t want to beat on the individuals who you are bound to protect.  Prezbo, played by Jim True-Frost, does such a good job in this season too, going from police officer to teacher. I love how much he cares and how his character completely understands just how the school system and statistics works, given his time on the police force.The finale for this season is realistic and fantastic. Not everyone makes it out of the streets alive but Simon gives the audience one character, one single character who does and that’s all I needed to continue watching the show. I wanted so badly for all of the kids to make it out, but that would have been a fantasy and a contradiction to just how great this show is.

The next season would have to be the 3rd. I love Howard “Bunny” Colvin, played by Robert Wisdom and the solution he reaches for lowering his statistics. It may seem unrealistic and a bit stretched but Simon does a hell of a job portraying what happens when you ask someone to do the impossible. He is also great in the 4th season as well and his character begins to shine when he is introduced. The demise of Stringer and how he turned on Avon was just done perfectly in this season. The conversation that they have on the balcony reminiscing about the “good ol days” flew in the face of the betrayal that they both commit several scenes later.  The audience gets introduce to Caretti in this season, played by Aiden Gillian who also pulls the strings as Littlefinger in “Game of Thrones” and sees this shining new politician who’s going to change Baltimore. He appears to be perfectly human, wants change, will fight for it, but will also cheat on his wife. As the audience sees in the later seasons, given the way politics is run, it is difficult, nay, impossible to change everything but Carcetti does try. Cutty, played by Chad L. Coleman is a great character that is introduced. He goes from prisoner to gangsta to boxing coach and he tries so hard to stay out of the street and to keep his kids out of the street. But unless he changes the game, he will be unable to do so.

My least favorite season is the last one due solely to the way in which Omar dies which is anticlimactic to say the least. He was one of my favorite characters and Simon just has some little kid shoot him in the back of his head. Prop Joe got one hell of a death, so did Stringer, which proves that Simon does create some climatic moments but he just had Omar die suddenly and randomly. I know I kept on hoping he was going to come back alive, which I know Simon wanted us to think given the random shot he included showing Omar’s body bag label getting mixed up. I just wish he either died dramatically or walked away. But that being said, I liked how Simon set it up so that Michael appeared to be the new Omar.

All in all, it is a great show. I quickly became addicted to it and had to finish it before school picked up because it would have been one hell of a distraction. Watch this show, I promise you won’t regret it.


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