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In Television on September 5, 2012 at 10:59 am

Last night I had the ability, nay I say the privilege, of attending a free screening, thanks to mi amor, of  “Revolution” a new show coming this fall to NBC directed by Jon Favreau, produced by J.J. Abrams, and full of action and adventure.

This screening took place in Pier 57 which is an abandoned pier located near 15th street and the Hudson River Park. My God, what an appropriate setting for this screening. The interior did not need to be manipulated or changed in any way to make it have that post apocalyptic feel, a few flaming lights were hung as well as some ivy, but other than that this was the perfect spot to get into the mood of “Revolution”.  It also had a great view of the Hudson river via a huge sliding door that was left open to ventilate the space. After viewing “Revolution” here I wanted so badly to host a party in this place because it would be amazing.

Another great aspect of this viewing, which also created a few slight problems, was that the screening was powered by cyclists. Pictures of this awesome event can be viewed below. People had been biking all day to power this screening and it was such a neat and unique idea. However, when the show actually began there were some power problems that needed to be fixed because apparently they were not getting enough power, WAH WAH WAH. But despite this, the screening began and “Revolution” will be, I predict, a show that will probably be around for 5 or 6 seasons.

“Revolution” stars Tracy Spiridakos, playing Charlie Matheson, Tim Guinee, who appeared bearded and all manned out at she screening as Ben Matheson, Charlie’s father, Billy Burke as Miles Matheson, Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson, WHAT’S GOOD LOST?!, and  Graham Rogers as Danny Matheson. And that’s it for the Matheson’s. The reason I feel that all these actors are worth mentioning is because they will have a pivotal role in this series. It’s not just the individual family members that are important, rather the family themselves, this is made very clear in the pilot.

Honorably mentions go to Giancarlo Esposito, also known as Gus Chicken Brother Fring, who plays the  soldier Captain Neville. He has a great scene in the pilot where he just shows how much power he has and how little he cares for other people. So excited to see his character develop, which it will it totally will.  Zak Orth, playing Aaron, is also worth mentioning. He played the bumbling idiot quite well but there will be so much more to him. So much more.

All in all, this show had a great pilot. I thought it moved a little fast for my taste but the cliffhanger that it left the audience with was phenomenal. It set it up in a very “Lost”-esque way leaning towards some overarching entity that is pulling the strings. I just really really hope they don’t stray too much into the fantastical and just stick to the science, much like “Fringe”. I loved and still do love “Lost” but some of the problems that I have from that show is the mythical turn it took with the smoke monster and the island hopping. I thought it was good but it was a bit of a stretch for me. I hope “Revolution” keeps it close to reality and strays a little bit into the science fiction.

So, in conclusion, I suggest you watch this show. Why not? I trust J.J. Abrams, he hasn’t done me wrong yet, and Jon Favreau? God, I love that man, as a director not so much an actor. I think this show will do quite well and keep America wondering, why did the lights go out?



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