Forever-ever, forever-ever, forever-ever?

In Movies on August 22, 2012 at 1:33 pm

Cue the filtered shots

Cue the great soundtrack

Cue  rack focus

Cue the hand held camera shots

Cue a pivotal plot

And you have, “Celeste and Jesse Forever”

This movie asks and answers the question, Can two individuals whose marriage just ended still be friends? “C &J” stars Rashida Jones as Celeste and Andy Samberg as Jesse whose marriage ends. This conclusion of their nuptials is told quite well through photographs and music that is wonderfully edited to align and is eventually sang by the two main characters. Ari Graynor, Beth, and Eric Christian Olsen, Tucker, are introduced as their friends who should be happy with C & J’s situation because they no longer have to choose between friends.  Beth and Tucker, as well as the audience, know that C & J cannot be friends but despite this warning, C & J still try until eventually they do move on.

Now I’m not ruining anything at all here because if you were expecting a story in which these two come back together, then you don’t know what an indie movie is or why divorces actually occur. Jones and Samberg do a wonderful job on-screen and truly envelop and display the emotions that anyone who has ever been in a break up feels. The show anger, lover, longing, lust, and friendship all throughout this movie. The script, written by Jones and Will McCormack, who stars as a mutual best friend/ drug dealer, was very well written and true to form. There isn’t amazing dialogue within this film, but there is real dialogue. McCormack does a great job in this film as well, he carefully sprinkles humor in the midst of tragedy being supportive to Celeste but also trying, not really all that hard, to get in her pants. I’ve only seen him in “Alphas” and his performance and addition to this movie will surely put him on the map.

Samberg was unexpectadly dramatic in this movie as well. I loved his skits on SNL and “Hot Rod” but he displayed his funny bone prominently in both instances. In this movie, the audience gets a glimpse as to the darker side of Samberg and I liked it. He seemed authentic in his role and not uncomfortable with what he was doing. Samberg’s typical humorous quips would be displayed at points throughout the film but they didn’t seem ill placed or random. He used his humor to try to mend the bridge between himself and Celeste and he did it quite well.  I was pleasantly surprised by his performance in this movie and I hope I get to see more of this side.

“C & J” was a carefully construed film consisting of pain and humor. I was afraid that in the beginning, this film was going to try too hard to be indie, but it didn’t. The filters were spot on as well as the use of close-ups and handheld shots. The shocking revelation that eventually becomes the separation between C & J, post divorce, is random and was something that troubled me after viewing this film. However, on further thought I thought it was quite well done. Life is random and this movie is anything but predictable, like life.

If you liked “Blue Valentine” for its realistic depiction of the ending of a relationship, then you will like “C & J Forever”. If you are in an unstable relationship with your significant other, then don’t see this movie with them because it will only make you ask more questions. If you like Jones and Samberg and want to see them masturbate some lip balm or some baby corn, then watch this movie.


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