The Great Train Robbery

In Television on August 15, 2012 at 11:15 am

Readers, you should all know how I feel about “Breaking Bad” and if you don’t well, you should know that I love this show. It’s dramatic, dark, involves meth, which is a drug that I just absolutely LOOVVVEEE, and it is on AMC. I will honestly give anything that AMC shows a viewing and I have not been disappointed and neither has AMC. With their case of shows such as “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead”, AMC has become a heavy hitter in network television. Be that as it may, not all shows that they have recently been as watchable, “The Killing” being one of them. The story line, although I was told that it will change dramatically for the third season, and the stale acting were all a turn off to me. But, no network televisions station can be absolutely perfect, and AMC is very close to that perfection. BUT, I digress, I recently viewed the episode of Bad Freight “Breaking Bad” and let me tell you, it was GOOD. It had all of the right elements and ended on such a cliffhanger, that I nearly peed my pants.

This episode contained all of the great elements that makes “Breaking Bad” a truly unique show, some great camera shots, the use of science to solve just about everything, a plan gone bad and then salvaged even in the last minute and Johnathan Banks’s ears, Mike Ehrmantraut. Those puppies are legit and he probably draws much of his awesomeness from his ears. In this episode you also get to witness Walter just throw around his power, towards his son, towards his wife, towards Jesse and Mike as per usual, and even towards Hank with some cold blooded trickery. It becomes clear, and it will become more clear as this season continues that their party of three isn’t a democracy rather is is a Walt-tocracy. CLEVER, AMIRIGHT? In this episode, the three amigos’ methylamine supply becomes compromised, and if you know anything about this show you know that Walt’s great mix occurs because of this precursor. With a clever idea from Jesse, the crew decides that they are going to rob a train without the conductor even knowing what is going down. This sounds impossible, but it is planned with realistic accuracy and should interest you in watching this show. If this doesn’t sound interesting to you, then just watch the episode until the very end. It is one hell of a climax and left me reeling for a few minutes.

(Warning SPOILERS)

Here are some of the pieces of the episode that I found particularly AMAZZZZIINNGG

– Walt’s crocodile tears in the beginning. Maybe he was actually crying for the loss of love that he felt from Skyler, but once Hack left the room Heisenberg quickly took over and did what he came to do. I love seeing this side of Mr. White and I love how well Cranston shows this JekyllHeiden transformation. I just love it.

– How Walt deals with his son. Not only is he becoming the authority in meth production but what he says at home goes. He tells Junior, what is what and he listens. This side of him is already butting heads with Skyler’s new tude, which is unprecedented and weird, SHE CHEATED ON HIM AND GAVE A GOOD PORTION OF WALTER’S MONEY TO HER CHEATEE , YOU’RE IN TOO DEEP NOW SKYLER TO TRY AND GET OUT OF THIS, but when the two of them butt heads again, and it will happen, someone is going to get hurt.

– The train robbery. I was literally talking to my computer as I viewed this episode, telling Jesse to get out from underneath that train. In typical Walt fashion he held out until the last very second and though it saved their butts it was very close to getting them caught as well. I also liked how this was Jessie’s idea which makes him more then just a pawn in Walt’s game. He’s becoming smart and more of a powerful character in this show, which might be a problem down the line because we all know how much Walt loves  his power.

– The shot. The last scene depicting Jessie screaming and the newbie just whipping out his gun and shooting the kid was so well done. I loved how he waved at the kid first. I thought this was such a good way to end the episode because I can only imagine how this is going to affect the group, we know how Walt and Jessie feel about kids being involved and killed in their drug business. It was a brilliant way to end this episode, especially after the high note of accomplishing the train robbery without any slip ups.

So let me know what you think and what your favorite part of this episode was. I would love to hear about it!


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