Sookie, GO ON GET!

In Television on August 9, 2012 at 10:11 pm

“True Blood” I have a confession to make. I was interested in you right from the get go. You first episode included violence, boobs, sex, and blood. Not only that but you had a pretty decent story line. Vampires coming out of the coffin, HA HA HA, which is topic that we are way too interested in, BUT, you showed the changes that would take place as a result of this. Synthetic blood, airlines transporting coffins, hotels that allowed for no UV penetration, and how the religious right would act to this. All of seemed ingenious and novel. I loved it. I loved the story, I rooted for Bill, Eric, not fucking Tara I really hoped she died quite some time ago, and even Sookie. Although her, ” I don’t need a man. Oh wait, I’m in trouble somebody SAVE ME” attitude got really old really quickly, I did eventually come around to enjoying her presence. And Lafayette. Don’t get me started on Lafayette. A gay drug dealing gangster? I loved it. He was hilarious, powerful, and said what he felt. In this last season, that I will watch, Lafayette was the only redeeming character. So in summation, “True Blood”, you had me from the start. But now, I’m just about sick of you.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the most recent season, well don’t, but if you truly love this show, then don’t read on.

I don’t care about Tara’s transformation and her conversations with Pam are stupid and ill scripted. They look clunky together and I feel uncomfortable watching them.

Alcide fighting for pack master? I don’t care about either. Oh Alcide wants Sookie, oh now he doesn’t. OH WAIT, now he’s trying to get in some other girls pants and then he asks pre coitus will you be my girlfriend? Debbie just died, like a few days ago. He moves fast, I get it, he’s handsome, but I still don’t care about his new-found romance.

Sookie. Sookie. Sookie. Sookie. I hate your fairy storyline. Omg I’m a fairy, that’s so cool. WAIT IT’S NO LONGER COOL, BILL ERIC HELP ME! Wait, it’s cool again. Just kidding I don’t want to be a fairy anymore. WAIT! Jason, convince me otherwise. And yes readers, this back and forth storyline is ridiculous and unoriginal.

Hoyt and Jessica. I think Jessica is pretty BA but I am fed up with the sputtering intermittent romance between these two. And then Hoyt all of a sudden hates vampires enough to come close to killing them? And he asks her while she’s chained in silver, “Will you ever love me?”. Are you serious? When did this show become soooo unrealistic, yes I know it includes vampires but vampires in modern society.

Bon Temps. Bon. Fucking. Temps. This town has got to be wicked tiny, only one restaurant that any employee can leave at any time only to return again without question, but it is filled with “gifted” individuals. Vampires, witches, werewolves, fairies. For reals? New York city must be crawling with these people. Los Angeles must have a “gifted” task force. This tiny town not only contains an unusually high amount of these types of people, but it attracts them as well. It’s Louisiana for christ’s sake.

In conclusion, “True Blood” you had me. But alas you have grown repetitious, unoriginal, boring, and made me no longer care about your characters. You have done that, I haven’t. I would like to say I will miss you, but I probably won’t.


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