Where Do I Begin?!?!?

In Movies on July 24, 2012 at 12:04 am

WOW. Just wow. That movie was excellent. The score. Amazing. The linearity, the continuity, the fucking story. Was Excellent. All of it. Excellent. I know if an English teacher were reading this right now she would. BEAT ME. For my frequent misuse of. THE PERIOD. But this movie. FUCKING DESERVES IT.

Parts of the movie that just blew it out of the water

The Bane and Batman fight. The first fight. So damn good, so well done ESPECIALLY if you have read the comics and know how it’s going to turn out. Just great.

The score: Hans Zimmer knows his music and by God if Christopher Nolan is making a fucking epic movie you better be damn daaayyuumm sure that Zimmer will be composing the score.

Joseph Fucking Gordon-Levitt: By golly, the end makes this character so damn important but during the film he was great. He was phenomenal. Superb acting and just became the belief balloon that lifted Batman, NAY I SAY, rose Batman from the ashes. He showed Gotham, that anyone could be Batman. You just had to stand up for what is right.

Anne Hathaway: Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Anne Hathaway said she would consider doing a Catwoman spin-off, if Nolan directed it, OF COURSE, and I would love to see her do it. She was Catwoman, even thought they never called her that in the film, she was the ambiguous character who blurred the line between good and even. She was smart, sassy, and a strong female. She knew exactly what she was fighting for, herself.

Tom Hardy: Very few lines, but the ones that he had were good. I could understand him for the most part, but his expressions, his eyes, and his fighting choreography were something that he brought to the table and Nolan brought out of him. He truly shines in the first Batman Bane fight and some of his lines are soooo damn good.

Michael Caine: Although he didn’t experience as much screen time as the others, his were poignant and full of emotion. He showed the love that Alfred had for Bruce and by God, how much he cared about him. He showed how much it hurt to support the decision of becoming Batman. He showed how painful it was to see the one you love, do something he loves, but may lead to their destruction.

The end: The ending of this movie makes it so damn worth it. It ain’t no cliffhanger. That is all I can say.

Nolan brought us to great places with these movies and introduced some characters that we have seen before but never quite like this. Go see this movie. You will not regret it.

  1. As a fan of the first film (Batman Begins) i LOVED its deep connection that the dark knight rises had with it. Going back to the roots!

    Bane is the guy who “broke the bat” as is said in the comics. it was excellent to see bruce wayne lost and broken down to nothing, just like he was in the first film. i was disappointed that so little time was focused on the “rising” part of the story. and im sorry, you cant get over a broken back in 5 months lol.

    i would have liked to see more training, and a more steady “rise.” the first film took its time showing how batman became batman. the training, the ideology, more training, the testing, and the final test. they brushed over the “rise” way too quickly in this film.

    on a different note, LOVED how they showed the horror of the city as it was run by criminals. a very accurate dipiction of what a lawless society is.

    and catwomen….the hips on that girl.. DAMN.

    over all, this movie was amazing.

    • Yeah, If you read the comics Batman is healed by supernatural means. Nolan definitely took some artistic licensing on that part. And his back was straight up broken in the comic book. Just Google Knightfall, it’s the cover of the comic. I liked the rising out of the prison, but I would have also liked a more ideological discussion with Alfred about what it means to be going back. That discussion should have taken place after the rise out of the prison. He rose physically and I think if he truly became the Batman he would have won over Alfred as well. Alfred’s speech, I believe, was discussing what it means to do what you love even though it might kill you. Alfred, didn’t think the city deserved Batman, but Bruce Wayne.

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