The Dark Knight Rises: Expectations

In Movies on July 23, 2012 at 11:15 pm

In under an hour, I will be seeing The Dark Knight Rises. I, like many other fans, have been feasting on every bit of morsel that Nolan and WB provided for us. I read the reactions to early release of the Bane sequence played before Ghost Protocol and even watched a terrible version of it on my computer. I followed as every actor was selected and searched to see who they were playing and what significance the character had in the Batman world. Now, I will finally get to see the conclusion of the Nolan-Bale Batman trilogy, and what a ride it has been! So, I write here about my expectations for the movie and will report back later to say whether they have been met or not.

I expect to understand Bane, because when the Bane sequence was released many individuals said they could not understand him

I expect it to be a great movie on its own. Meaning that it is logical, thrilling, and tells a great story.

I expect the score to be legit! Hans Zimmer can do no wrong.

I expect it to be a great Nolan movie because I love where he has taken Batman and I love love love his other work as well

I expect it to end, but not to end. I want us left with something. Anything, that perhaps allow Batman to be resurrected once again.

So there you have it. I will report back with my thoughts!


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